My Email Overload Hack Works Great: How Come I Feel Guilty?


email_overload.pngAs a self-employed marketer, I have lived and died by email for the past 10 years. It’s been at the center of my business and personal life for everything from sales to socializing. But over the past year or two, the daily flow of email has become totally unmanageable. Something had to be done. I took bold action. So why do I feel guilty?

My incoming email is down to a trickle since I added this autoresponder:

Dear colleagues & friends: I am checking email only a couple of times a day because I am totally overwhelmed with unnecessary emails.

So, if something is pressing, please call me.

If not, understand that I will be back to you in hours rather than minutes. Thank you!

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Seven Hacks for the Incoming Paper Avalanche


junk mail pileHave piles of paper all over the place – and you know the bill you need to pay is buried in there somewhere? Here’s how I keep paper under control:

Keep it out!
1. Get off junk mail lists. Do it yourself (my personal choice) or pay GreenDimes or 41pounds to do it for you.

2. Subscribe to fewer magazines. I’ve dropped subscriptions to excellent magazines that don’t fit my reading priorities right now. I’m relieved they’re not piling up, taunting me to find time to read them. Read more


Uncluttering: You’ll Soon Be an Addict, Like Me


Sometimes just getting started is half the battle….My brother and sister-in-law have a nice bookcase in their living room that holds books, photos and toys. It had gotten overly cluttered and was driving them crazy. With two young kids in the house, it was just one more thing in their long list of to-dos. Yet everyday there it was, mocking and frustrating them.

bookcasesOnce you see how easy and rewarding it is to tackle one small space, the impact of those results will make you want to do it over and over and over again….until you become an addict like me. Read more


5 Great Clutter Hacks


messy roomDo you still remember my definition of clutter?

Clutter is anything you don’t love, don’t use or doesn’t make you feel happy.

That pair of jeans you last wore 5 years ago? Yes, it’s clutter and it should go because it doesn’t make you feel good when you wear it. Why torture yourself? You should feel GREAT in your clothes.

This list is by no means exhaustive but here are 5 great ways to reduce the clutter in your life. Read more


Learning to Love Again…


Here’s a dilemma I faced after moving into my new house.

I have a hand-me-down white dresser that was really boring looking and useless, considering I didn’t need it for clothing storage (I now have walk-in closet).

I also needed TV stand and solution for storing videos and DVD’s. But I didn’t want to use an entertainment center in my room, because I didn’t want my bedroom to look like a living room. I also couldn’t afford to buy new furniture, given that all of my extra money was eaten up in the move.

So instead of wallowing in financial depression, I decided to get creative. To give my ugly white dresser a “facelift”, and make it ten-times more useful than it was before (thus loving it enough to not replace it). Read more


Take ten minutes to expand your phone list.


cell phoneTake a few minutes and program a few extra numbers into your cell phone. It’s helpful to have numbers available for your neighbor, child’s school, car-pooling partner, or favorite take-out place. My phone can store 300 numbers, so it doesn’t hurt to have extras listed, even if I don’t call them often. You never know when you might need them…

I learned this lesson when my son’s bus was 30 minutes late. I was standing at the stop– three blocks from home. I didn’t have the numbers listed so I wasn’t able to call and find out why the bus was delayed. When I got home I added in the numbers for the school, bus company and my next-door neighbor. I’m glad I did. [LG]Store your cell phone here![/LG]

This summer my family and I packed up and drove to a state park four hours away. Read more