A Trip to Stacks and Stacks: Shelving, Minus the Assembly Hassles


Heavy Duty Wire ShelvingShelving isn’t sexy – but it’s crucial to an organized home or office. So when I visited the Stacks and Stacks store in Santa Rosa, I was surprised to find that the heavy-duty shelving was my favorite product. This stuff is sturdy and a snap to assemble – even for someone with my lack of assembly skills.

Debbie, the delightful assistant manager, told me this shelving is a perennial best seller, and I can see why.
Comments from buyers include:

“. . . they were the easiest shelves that I have ever assembled (and are not too heavy to manage) and hold boxes full of paper securely.”

“I hate to have to assemble things, mess around with screws and so on, but these are actually fun to put together. Whoever invented the plastic sleeve mechanism to hold the shelves should get some kind of medal; I hope he or she is making a lot of money from this brilliant idea.

The adjustability makes this shelving truly all-purpose, and the units look great too (I have three now and will probably get more).”

You can buy kits or individual components; they come in chrome, black, and white.

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