Clutter Hacks: Consolidating by Keeping Like With Like


I don’t know if you’ve heard (he he) but I LOVE containers! What I also love though, and what you might not know, is that I love to use those containers to consolidate. I love just saying that word. Anytime I can consolidate many things into one, thereby taking up less space, makes me very very happy. Which is why I love grocery day. Well not the actual grocery shopping really, but the putting groceries away part. Again weird, trust me, I know!

Seriously though, this consolidating thing is addictive. I’m obsessed with it. And don’t even get me started about how snakey I get when there are TWO boxes of the same thing opened at the same time! I MUST pour one into the other and shove the whole thing back into ONE box. I MUST or I can’t go on with my day. I’m like that when I lose my favorite pen too but you’ve probably heard enough “freakness” for today:)

I turn this (L) into this(R):

Now come on doesn’t that just say fun to you?

Here’s another consolidation:

I have this thing where I can’t have two boxes of the same thing in my cupboard. Would drive me mental, you see, so I conveniently use a larger size box of the item to consolidate all the little boxes into, which means I only have one box of bars instead of three in my cupboard. Marvelous baby!

Now I know what you are thinking: “Why not just continue to buy the bulk box?” Well sometimes I do. But we all like different ones, so if I’m buying different little boxes I just open them all up and throw them all in together “like with like”. I just keep the big box in the cupboard and keep refilling it. It doesn’t even bother me that they are all mixed up like that because I am so tickled they are all together.

I like to use the bigger boxes as my container instead of a basket in these instances so it is clear to everyone what exactly the purpose of the box is for. We can clearly see oatmeal is oatmeal and bars are bars. How’s that for brilliance? I’m kidding. Sort of.

So until next time, happy consolidating my friends!! [LG]These baskets have room for labels![/LG]