Clutter Control: The Recipe File


recipe-box.jpgHow many untested recipes do you need to keep? My own recipe box was close to overflowing, so I just did a major de-clutterering.

I got rid of:

  • Recipes that were too complex. I just don’t have the time for those!
  • Recipes using unusual ingredients which would then just sit in my closet for years – unless I happened to really love that recipe.
  • Recipes that called for large amounts of cream or other ingredients I’m trying to (mostly) avoid.
  • Recipes with combinations of ingredients that just didn’t sound good to me any more.
  • Recipes that just don’t fit the style of cooking I do. For example, I like to cook soups that are thick with pureed vegetables – so I eliminated recipes for soups that don’t fit that mode.
  • Recipes that didn’t have anything truly special about them. It’s easy enough to find a good basic recipe for almost anything on-line, so I don’t need to keep one just in case I want to make a blueberry muffin, for example.
  • Now my file has plenty of breathing space, so it’s easy to put new recipes away and find those I’m ready to use.


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    • October 10, 2007 at 8:07 am


      Cleaning out my recipe binder is on my to-do list. I’ll keep your tips in mind as I go through my stack of “recipes to try.”

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