Controlling the Catalog Clutter


catalogpileSwimming in catalogs of companies you’ve bought from in the past? Mysteriously started getting other catalogs every month? Want to get off their mailing lists?

You can simply call the toll-free number on each catalog and asked to be removed from the mailing list – or you can use a new free service called Catalog Choice.

Create an account with your name and address, select the catalogs you don’t want, enter your customer number for each catalog (if you have one) – and Catalog Choice takes it from there.

It may take up to 10 weeks to stop getting the catalogs, so you’ll still be deluged for the holidays – but by the new year you’ll have the catalogs mostly under control.

Other useful resources:

  • Direct Marketing Association
  • Abacus Opt-Out
  • Paid services that deal with all your junk mail: 41pounds and GreenDimes
  • Do-It-Yourself general junk mail elimination tips from RecycleWorks and CharityGuide
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