Warranty Clean Out Time!


filesEvery year before the holidays I like to take a few minutes and whip through the file that holds my household instruction manuals and warranties. I recommend this habit for you too, because inevitably, during the year, you acquire new stuff and you get rid of old stuff. Especially now that small electronics are such ever-present necessities.

Cell phones, PDAs, Blackberries, GPS units, iPods, you name it, most people have a few of these items and they all come with books galore. But as often as you replace and add to your personal technology collection, how often do you remember to go through and ditch the instruction books for the items you’ve gotten rid of? Probably never.

So in the next few weeks, take a few minutes to clean out your old warranties and instruction manuals and then group the ones that remain into a portable file box such as the V File or this Iris File Box.