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TobleroneI made something to hang jewelry from out of cardboard (I wanted to recycle). You can use a bit of cereal box. I formed and folded it into a sort of pyramid/Toblerone shape. Then (keeping the top attached) snip small triangles out of the top/middle-fold that made lots of spikes but more like castle wall patterns
(/-\/-\/-\) this is where you will hang your necklaces from. Then I glued the two bottom flaps, one on top of the other, to make a triangle (using paperclips may help while the glue dries). Once dry, use your fingertips to squish the top (spiky parts) of the triangle to make that part thinner. Finally find a place on a tall shelf (for the jewelry to overhang) and pin, blue-tack or even glue your chain tidy (call it what you want) down to the edge of the shelf (long-way) jaggy side up. Lastly, hang your necklaces, bracelets and even rings over the individual spikes.
TIP: make the spikes long but also the general size will affect what you can hang (big spikes for chunky bracelets, etc…). Be creative; personalize your bling-thing with stickers, glitter… whatever.

I love tidying, too, but I also love bit-n-bobs. I have quite a few belts, scarves and lengths of ribbon. I organized them by simply draping them through a clothes hanger and hanging it in my wardrobe. Now I have all my lovely accessories tidily on display for quick costume matching.
(A drawback is that belts tend to develop a kink in the middle. 🙁
You guys probably already knew this one but it’s one that came to mind.)

Remember people, be creative; you don’t always have to buy into solutions. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

From: Lucy Hannan


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