Improving Your Sleep Improves Your Waking Hours


bedThe other day, I shared my story of how I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and how, now that I’m treated, I have experienced an increase in my personal productivity.Today, I’m going to talk some about how you can increase your productivity and sleep success if you don’t have a sleep disorder. So many of my clients will tell me that their bedroom is stressful. Is that what it should be? Of course not! Here are some things you can do to set yourself up for success:

Reserve your bedroom for sleep and intimacy only
If you have any of the following in your bedroom — put them somewhere else in your home. Read more


3 Scheduling Hints to Aid in Time Management


clockWe run out of time, have to change the day and times of various appointments or call ahead and tell people we are going to be late and this happens more often than we would like. Besides that, it is embarrassing to have other people know that we cannot be depended on to make the appointment at the designated time and now we have messed up their schedules as well.

Try these three steps to take control of your schedule once and for all: Read more


How do you deal with all the paper?


“My husband has his own business and I’m the bookkeeper of said business. All this paper really does have a purpose, and to clean it up means I have to touch it all!! I cannot get motivated to do that.”

Here are a few quick ideas I thought of:

  1. Throw away any paper that does obviously not belong in the space (takeaway menus come to mind). The better you do this part, the easier the rest of the process will be.
  2. Decide what does belong there. Some things will be “keepers” but just don’t need to be in that space and can be moved to storage. Read more

Product of the Week: Acrylic Earring Organizer


67364-earring-holderThis week’s Product of the week is the Acrylic Earring Organizer. Not only because this thing is really cool, but because we got a feature post for it in the Ladies Home Journal’s Miss Gizmo Blog!

It’s made of crystal clear acrylic and has individual trays that slide out so you can easily get to your earrings. You can keep your jewelry out where you can see it and still keep it protected from dust.

Pretty and cool!


13 Ways to Get Rid of Your Clutter


sale-sign2You’ve done it! You’ve gone through your garage, your closets, or whatever problem area you had, and decided which things just don’t make sense to keep any more.

Now what? How do you best get rid of these things? Here are 13 options.

Sell them.

1. Sell them on eBay or craigslist.

2. Sell them through a consignment store.

3. Sell them through an auction house; here’s just one. Read more


Hug Your Kids Day June 21


homework help “I’m sorry, but I don’t have time.””Just let me finish this first.”

“Can you do it?”

“Not now!”

“I have work to do.”

“Can I watch you later?”

Have any of these words come out of your mouth as you were talking to your child? Do you have children that you are not able to spend as much time with as you would like? Today is the day to start putting some things in place to be ready for June 21st! Read more


Favourite Organising Tools #8 – Office in a Bag


129210-tote-bagAs some of you know, I work a full-time job, run the business after work and on weekends, and I do ministry work at my church. With all these things going on, I have to be quite portable because there’s nothing worse than not having something you need. Or having it, but in the wrong location!

So I have an “office in a bag”.

1. I use one of these book bags for my business & personal stuff to and fro work.

2. The pictures below show the one I use for the ministry work. Read more


Saving Money


j0408819.jpgGas prices are dramatically affecting food prices. I talked to the checker at my local supermarket. I asked, “Is it my imagination or are cereal boxes getting smaller?” She said the store had just closed out a line of larger sized boxes and brought in the smaller sizes to replace them. I asked if the cost of gas was driving this change and she said “Yes!’
She is the store price checker and has been working extra hard marking-up prices. Manufacturers don’t want to absorb the extra shipping costs, so they pass the cost on to consumers. One of their tricks is to use smaller packages and then offer special pricing if you buy 5 or 6 items. Read more


Organizing Your Vehicle Will Decrease Gas Costs


gas-pumpOrganizing your vehicle, its maintenance, and its use can save you BIG on gas money. Here’s how:

(1) Do your research.
Look at websites like GasNearU and GasBuddy to determine the stations that have the lowest gas prices in your local area. (I found the cheapest option on GasBuddy.)

(2) Plan ahead.
Before stepping out of the house, make a list of all the errands that you need to run. Then map out your tasks by determining what’s nearby or on your way and plan the most gas efficient route.

Feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe just lazy? The program Remember the Milk will do this entire step for you… Read more