August De-Clutter Challenge – Day 14


beforeNot only should this two hour de-clutter qualify as my last four for the week, but it should win me a prize for the weirdest de-clutter project. I de-cluttered my youngest son’s head.:)

My youngest had major cranial surgery when he was a baby and he has a scar from ear to ear across the top of his head. In an attempt to minimize that, he started growing dread-lock at the age of two. My husband joined in as an act of solidarity and support. You’d think this would be a care-free style, but they need regular maintenance to keep them lookin spiffy. Guess who gets that job? To the left is the before shot.

Here is the after:
In the corner you can see the little pile of hair clippings I swept up after the de-clutter. 🙂

There’s still time for you to take part! What did you de-clutter today?


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