A launch pad saves you 5 hours a week


That’s a picture of my handbag on my launch pad.

A launch pad enables you to hit the ground running every day.

In the office
Your launch pad is writing down your high priority items on your eat the frog form so you start off your day on the right note.

You can save TONS of time if you don’t have to think about your priorities every morning.

How much time could you save if you immediately started each day on the most important tasks? Read more


Contest Time Again!




For this contest, we would love to hear from you! We may be in the top 10, but there is always room to improve. What issues would you like to see addressed on our blog? A new organizing topic you’d like to know more about? Interviews? Q & A’s? Polls?

Leave us a comment with your suggestion for what you’d like to see here and we will pick a random five lucky people to win one of these great prizes: Read more


Get Back to Basics with Menu Planning


calendarWhen things start going a little bit crazy, the first thing I do is go back to basics.

Like when I feel overwhelmed with the business, I drag out one of my master to-do lists and start writing down everything.

In the same way, when if feels like things are too busy in my life at home, I get back to basics with a few things. I:

  1. write EVERYTHING down on our kitchen calendar
  2. clean my kitchen (I like a clean and uncluttered working space so this helps me feel centred; a friend of mine likes doing laundry – she is obviously crazy :)!!!) Read more

Ellen’s Penicillin Method of De-Cluttering


mold-in-petrie-dishThis post came from Declutter 101: Strategies To Cut Clutter | Organized Home. This was such a great analogy, I just had to share

Often, decluttering efforts chase their tails in an endless loop. The home manager declutters the small table in the hallway and moves on. By the following week, a whole new species of clutter has returned to the cleared area. Read more


Everything You EVER Wanted to Know About Organising Your Computer



* Do you find yourself wasting time looking for files on your computer?
* Do you get frustrated because you just don’t know where to start?
* Do you know when and how often to do a back up?
* Has your computer ever crashed and you lost everything?
* Do you know how to organise and contain all those free things you keep downloading off the internet?
* Do you know how to name and store files so they’re easy to find?

We can help you! Read more


Ten Simple Rules to Help You Avoid Organized Living


happy-clutterI found a lovely post that suits my cantankerous mood today. Enjoy! 🙂

Do you think that all the hype about organized living is a big joke? Are you tired of the “clear the clutter” mantra? Would you like to just go on in your own disorganized way?
Follow these 10 guidelines for how NOT to clear the clutter and I can guarantee you will be able to get more and more clutter and disorganization in your life and avoid organized living altogether! Read more


How to Handle Sentimental Clutter


teddybearI don’t know about you, but I find myself with things stashed away in cabinets that I know I’ll never display or use again, but I just can’t bring myself to part with them because a certain person gave it to me. Or it evokes a wonderful memory from my past.

Marcia Francios over at Organising Queen has posted a couple of times now on a great idea to reduce sentimental clutter.

Take a picture! You can memorialize it in a photo album or in your blog. This way, you keep the visual stimulus of that person or memory without taking up the space!

Fantastic idea, Marcia – thanks!

How could you use this tip in your life?