The Big O: Under 60 with Monica Ricci


monicaMonica Ricci, Organizing Expert, Motivational Speaker, Author and Founder of Catalyst Organizing Solutions, LLC. is the special guest on the latest episode of The Big O on

“Your time is short and your to-do list is long, so give us an hour and we’ll give you an organized life!” Not really, but use our Under 60 ideas and you will be much closer. Join us for this episode of The Big O: Under 60 where we share lots of projects that can be done in 1, 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.

Some examples:

1 Minute

• Wipe out the silverware drawer
• Put dvds and videos back into the cases
• Clean your microwave
• Weed out old magazines, newspapers and catalogs

5 Minutes
• Clean windows with pet and toddler smudges
• Do a quick pick-up in one room
• Clean and disinfect your trash can
• Grab a Clorox wipe and wipe down the countertops
or sink in bath or kitchen

15 Minutes• Organize your iTunes library
• Make a grocery list
• Take plants outside and hose (dust) off
• Plan your menu for the week

30 Minutes
• Make a quick dish for tomorrow’s lunch
Polish silver
• Organize a closet

60 Minutes• Wash a load of laundry
• Prepare dinner in advance
• Enjoy uninterrupted time working on a hobby

Stop by and take a listen!