15 Creative Uses for Wine Corks


wine-corksLiving here in Wine County California, one ends up with a lot of corks. It’s hard to just throw them out when you know there must be a ton of creative uses for them out there. I did a search for creative uses for all these corks and found some great creative ideas!


Napkin rings – Drill a hole in the center, thread pretty ribbon through and tie.

Stamps – Carve the ends into letters or shapes and stamp in ink or paint.

Placecard holder– Slice about a quarter of the length off to make a straight base. Cut a slit in the top and insert the placecard. Or tie two corks together side by side with pretty ribbon and slip the placecard in between them.

Bobber for fishing – Make a hole in the middle of the cork and string it onto your line for an easy bobber!

As a pour spout for oils and vinegars – Cut a small wedge out (lengthwise) and insert inside the bottle openings on your olive oils and vinegars. Keeps the stream small and regulated.

Wobble stoppers – Slice into discs and use to even out uneven chair legs or under glass table tops to keep them from sliding and getting scratched.

Cabinet Door Pads – Glue thin slices of cork to the inside of cabinet doors to silence the noise when closing them.

Chair Leg Sliders – Use thin slices of cork glued to the bottom of chair legs to allow them to slide easily without scratching the floors.

Doorstop – Cut a cork in half lengthwise at an angle to form a wedge and push one half under the door to keep it propped open or securely closed.

Knife Rest – Glue several corks together side by side and place in a drawer. Secure the knives, blade side down, in the crevices to protect their quality and your fingers.

Pincushion – Push pins and needles into a cork as an alternative to a pincushion.

Sanding Block – Wrap a piece of sandpaper around a cork and use it to smooth over rough spots in small nooks and crannies. You can cut it to custom shapes to fit in those tight spots.

Bulletin board – Glue corks end-on-end for the outside frame and then fill in the middle with others, creating interesting patterns.

Table trivets – Many craft stores have simple kits, or head to Home Depot for a wire clamp that holds them in place.

Recycle – If you’re not particularly handy, send in your used corks to Recork America that reuses them as flooring, building insulation, sports equipment and more. Details at recorkamerica.com.[LG]Easily remove corks with a Cork Butler[/LG]

If you have any other creative ideas for wine corks – let me know in a comment!


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