Dump Electronic Clutter


computer-clutterIt’s easy to limit our thinking to our physical surroundings we we ponder our “clutter”.

But what about the electronic clutter?

We are relying more and more these days on our electronic “friends” to keep us organized; computers, cell phones, pda’s. But how well can they keep us organized if we don’t keep them organized?!

My friend, Marcia, over at Organising Queen has written a wonderful post on just this! Check it out here!

Thanks Marcia!


Home Organizing on a Budget: Easier Than You Think


shoebox-organizingWhy is it that when someone thinks about organizing their home they think that they have to stick a lot of money into it in order to do it the right way?

When it comes to storage, there isn’t any right or wrong way of doing things or choosing the things you want to use. Sometimes a cardboard box works better than a plastic storage container, especially if the amount that is stored in that box changes frequently.

Here’s an idea of what I mean: Read more


An Animal Lover’s Paradise


animaltowmusa-logoI know there are a lot of you organizing nuts out there who are animal lovers like me. Have I got the site for you! Animal Town USA.

They sell al kinds of stuff by various artist, and everything has an animal or critter theme. There are boxes for organizing your trinkets, flags for your mailbox, jewelry, and a menagerie of wonderful houseware and gifts to admire!

Thanks for such a fun site, Animal Town!


Eliminate Your Growing Clutter…Weeds!


weedsLet’s start by defining clutter.

That’s what being a Rik Rak Sister is all about after all. I’m just making sure that we’re on the same page before we get to the meat of the matter.

Clutter – n. A confused or disordered state or collection; a jumble; a disorderly heap or assemblage; litter

That’s according to some on-line dictionary I found. But I don’t need to mince fancy vocabulary with you. Let’s get down to brass tax and say what it really means…
Clutter = all the crap that’s in your way. Read more