Product of the Week: Shelves to Go


shelves to goOrganized Travelers, get ready for the newest and best thing to add to your packing routine!

Shelves-to-Go are the answer to many traveling problems – from lost garments to wrinkles, bugs and even germs.

These shelves fit neatly into your carry-on or checked bags, folding flat so that they don’t take up precious space in your luggage. When you get to the hotel, simply hang this travel clothes organizer up on the closet rod for instant shelves, without having to use dresser drawers or existing shelves in the hotel room.

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Tuesday Tip: Clear Your Mind!


serene officeAre you having a hard time staying focused? Do you have a hard time completing tasks, or even knowing where to begin? Does your mind feel chaotic?

Your mind may not be the problem at all! Take a look at your surroundings. Are they organized or are they a disaster area?

The simple fact is that chaos breeds chaos. If you surround yourself with piles, mess and disarray, you create the same environment in your mind. Read more


5 Organizing Tips for Working Moms


office organizersIt’s not quite Spring yet, but it may be time for a bit of Spring Cleaning – for your office!

Michelle Maffei has written a great post over at with some timely and helpful tips on doing just that. Here’s an excerpt:

Whether you work from home or just use your office for family purposes, giving your home office a spring cleaning will boost productivity while reducing stress. From categorizing the clutter to keeping at-home kids happy so you can work, give yourself a career spring cleaning and organize your office with these tips for working moms.

1) Put clutter into categories: Read more


Composting in a Plastic Bin: Eco-Friendly DIY Project


compost bin

I promise, this is an easy one, folks! That’s right – easy, inexpensive, and one DIY weekend project that goes a long way toward helping out the planet – everybody wins!

With just a few items, you can be well on your way to composting in no time at all!

The benefits of home composting to the environment are infinite. But the one that really resonated with me, causing me to take the compost-plunge, was the fact that the food that ends up in landfills actually causes many problems because the lack of oxygen means it doesn’t break down. Read more