Create a Spa-Like Bathroom in your Home


natural-spa-bathroom.jpgGet that spa atmosphere you so want and so deserve right in our own home with just a few simple changes to your bathroom. No remodeling or budget-busting required here – just a few key items will having you saying “om” in no time.

The basics of spa decor include a merging of the luxurious and the surprisingly simple.

To get the effect, focus on natural materials, soothing colors and calming sounds.

Here’s a list of Bathroom Spa Design ideas (for every budget) to help you achieve spa-like bathroom bliss: Read more


21 Tips to Create Clutter-Busting Kids


Toy ShelfHere are 21 tips to help kids become clutter-busters. (and a lot are helpful to adults, too.)

1. Cleaning their rooms involves making decisions. The more you help to simplify the room, the easier the cleaning and the decision-making becomes.

2. Check out books from the library, and buy only the ones your children really love. Why spend money on books they’ll never read?

3. If toys, books, puzzles and games don’t have a happy home that the child can reach easily to put away, then, you’ve got clutter. Read more


Tuesday Tip: The Amazing Flat Iron!


flat iron for wrinkles How many times have you been rushing around in the morning to get ready for work, only to find an annoying crease in the front button placket or in the hem of you blouse? No time to pull out the ironing board and heat up the iron? No problem!

Use your flat iron!

If you’re like me, you have one hot and ready on the bathroom counter already. Just clamp it down on the wrinkle and smooth it out!

BONUS TIP for sewers & crafters: great for pressing ribbons or a quick hem! Read more