Tuesday Tip: Natural Weed Removal


blackberry bushI found another use for one of my favorite “green” household cleaning substances – vinegar!

I have a very small back yard with an apple tree and some pretty flowering vines on the fence. And no room for the stubborn blackberry vines that keep popping up!

For those of you unfamiliar with this Northern California nuisance, they have the most amazing berries to eat but they grow faster than weeds and are un-killable even with weed killer. Their many wicked thorns make for a barbed-wire like experience in getting rid of these monsters. Until now.

It helps to catch them when they first sprout simply because they are easier to cut down to the ground. Then just pour about a half cup of vinegar directly onto the center of the plant. In 3 or 4 days you will have nothing but a shriveled brown stub. No more regrowth!!

Just be careful around other plants that you don’t want to kill. Vinegar is all natural and completely harmless to fauna, but quite deadly to flora.

Keep this tip handy as part of your garden organizing repertoire!