Holiday Planning Overlooked


coffee cup storage chestWhen it’s time for holiday planning, we tend to think only about preparation. Planning menus, sending parting invitations, shopping for gifts, and digging out the decorations. I find myself so overworked getting ready for holiday gatherings, I forget about the aftermath. Particularly when it comes to my extra dishes. I’ve never had a proper way of storing them, so they tend to just get thrown in a box that gets stacked with other boxes in the garage.

Bad planning like this leads inevitably to the catastrophe I encountered last week. I pulled out the box of dishes and found two broken mugs, three broken bowls and TWELVE broken plates! That’s right, every last dinner plate met its doom, thanks to my negligence about china storage. After crying and cursing myself for about an hour (they were family heirloom holiday dishes), I decided to never let this happen again.

My search for a china storage solution ended at this really cool coffee cup storage chest. Of course, the company who makes these has other dish storage chests. Here are my three favorite things about these dinnerware chests:

• Their sides are harder than most china storage chests, and the dividers are hard.
• They have a clear side insert so I don’t have to label every container (and sometimes I just need one kind of dish).
• They’re cute! Stylishly designed means they won’t look ugly if I keep them stored inside the house.

Luckily, I was able to find my china pattern online (it’s not actually rare, just sentimental) and I can at least replace six of my broken plates. That’s a huge relief for me, and now I know they’ll be stored properly.