Save Precious Space with a Folding Dish Rack


folding steel dishrackI have quite the predicament on my hands; I live in a small studio apartment that does not provide very much counter space in the kitchen. Compounding this annoyance is the fact that my apartment also does not have a dishwasher, so I am forced to hand-wash each and every single one of my dishes. I will be the first to admit that I can be a little lazy when it comes to household chores. So just washing all of my dishes is enough work, you forget about hand-drying each dish after I am done with washing!

So how on earth do I dry my dishes without wasting my valuable counter space on a giant dish rack that is empty most of the time? Enter the convenient folding steel dish rack with double cup capacity, which is the perfect drying rack for my tight living situation. After I am done cooking and prepping dinner on my counters and I’ve eaten, I bust out this steel dish rack and get to hand washing. The steel rack is great because it holds double the amount of cups as a typical drying rack, and everyone knows the cups are the hardest dishes to find a drying space for. The epoxy coating on this folding dish rack prevents it from rusting.

When I am done drying all of my dishes and have them all put away, I simply fold this steel dish rack up and put it away in a cabinet with my baking sheets, leaving my cabinets clear for the next day. Speaking of baking sheets, I think it is about time to fire up some chocolate chip cookies!

I got this amazing fold-able steel rack from the fine folks over at Stacks and Stacks, and it is available in platinum or white.