Sink Mats for a Clean Kitchen!


sink matsEverybody is looking to make the kitchen a clean, safe place these days. Outbreaks of salmonella and other food-related illnesses have us all updating our food safety methods. One of the simplest yet often overlooked tools for a sanitary kitchen space are sink mats.

I don’t know about you, but if I see anything touch the bottom of the sink, it’s an automatic trip to the dishwasher or the garbage. Raised metal grid sink mats create a safe-catching area well above the grimy germy sink basin. While germs may still come into contact with these sink grids, the end result of germ-invasions is minimal on the grid itself. I’m not saying I would lick the sink mat or anything like that, but it makes me feel a lot better when a sponge falls and hits that thin piece of metal instead of the bottom of the sink. And best of all, you can throw the mat in the dishwasher to sanitize it as often as you like with no hassle at all!

Another benefit of these kitchen tools is that they make great sink protectors as well. Whatever material your sink is made out of, be it porcelain, stainless steel or stone, heavy pots and pans and sharp knives can do damage in an instant. A sink protector offers a barrier between utensils and cookware and the sink basin. This is particularly useful for those who have recently remodeled or updated their kitchen and for renters who want to ensure that they get their deposit back at the end of their stay.

Beyond the sink itself, sink mats protect other things too:
** Little fingers! Create another barrier between your toddler’s precious fingers and that garbage disposal!
** Dishes – Soften the blow of a dropped dish with a plastic, rubber or metal sink mat in place.