Play Up Your Patio With Le Click Interlocking Teak Floor Tiles


le click interlocking teak floor tilesOutdoor Flooring: A Quick and Easy DIY Project for Anyone!

With Spring rapidly approaching, it’s time to start planning outdoor DIY projects , and I’ve come across one that is easy to do and easy on the budget. When we think of outdoor decorating, we often forget that what goes under our feet can make a great contribution to our outdoor decor.

One of the easiest ways to update the look of your patio, porch or deck is to add some kind of floor feature, whether it is an outdoor area rug, or floor tiles like the Le Click Interlocking Teak Floor Tiles!

These beautiful teak flooring tiles are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, so you can cover the floor of your shower with them, or cover your patio! This is a great way to dress up concrete patios and deck areas. If you have a pool, floor tiles give it a finished, framed look, and they are great around a hot tub as well. They are water resistant and pest resistant as well to stand up to years of outdoor use! I especially love the tropical style of these deck tiles, they have a resort feel to them, perfect for enhancing any outdoor setting.

Here are some other ideas for sprucing up your patio floor on a budget:

** Area Rugs – there are beautiful rugs that are specifically designed for outdoor use, to protect against water and UV damage. This is a great way to define an outdoor seating area with chairs and a coffee table.

** Paint and Stencils – You can work wonders with paint and stencils on any type of outdoor floor to create the look of an area rug at a fraction of the cost. It works best on concrete, but also has a fun, rustic look when applied to a wooden deck. Just make sure it’s okay with the landlord before starting a project like this one!