Recent Grads: What do They Really Want?


Bungee Flat Mid Back ChairHave you ever noticed that at back to school time, we are all over our kids; buying them anything they could possibly need in hopes that they will have a successful school year, but when graduation time comes, we supply them with no more than a party and a monogrammed pen? What do graduates really need to start down the path toward adulthood? Thinking outside of the box of the usual graduation gifts, it’s obvious that they need support for the next phase of their life.

When we talk about college graduates, ready to start a career, what they need most is encouragement, advice and the right tools. Since you probably already set them up with toilet bowl brushes, collapsible hampers and printer paper when they moved into the dorms, it’s time to think bigger. Helping them to set up a home office is a great place to start. It is essential that recent graduates have a quiet, organized place in which to tackle the daunting tasks of writing resumes and searching for jobs. It will also help them out if they continue on to graduate school, or if they find work telecommuting from home. And it doesn’t have to be a whole room, a corner of their bedroom is perfect.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

· Desk – They are ready for storage. If they have the room, look for a desk with built-in drawers to keep clutter to a minimum.
· Office Chair – The Bungee Flat Mid Back Chair is one of my favorites for this age group as it is compact and very comfortable (I have a bungee chair myself). It also comes in fun colors to suit their personality and style needs.
· Filing System – If they are keeping school work from the past four years, you will need to expand on their file storage capacity to include new career and financial information folders.