Setting Up Your Dorm for Learning


desk lampsWhat an exciting time it is, moving away from home and starting your new life away at college. But don’t forget that you are there to learn and study, not just play all the time! When you are setting up your desk area or “office” at the dorm or apartment, keep in mind some of the following strategies for learning success!

Quiet – Anyone who has lived in the same house (or room!) with two other people knows that it is virtually impossible to study through a bunch of noise. Roommates should set up a block of time (or two) each day that is reserved for quiet studying only. That means no cell phone chatting, TV watching or loud music.

– Your study nook should be visually pleasing, so whatever your style, whether it is modern or eclectic or rock ‘n roll, make your desk truly your own. This will ensure that you feel good about sitting down at the desk and cranking out some homework.

Lighting – Let’s face it – college life means late-nights. Whether it was because you procrastinated and are now paying the price or whether it is finals week, you will find yourself studying in the p.m. hours at some point. A desk lamp is an absolute must have for any student. It provides better lighting to protect your eyes and keep you awake while you read, and also allows you to stay up past the time when your roomies go to sleep without disturbing them with harsh overhead lighting.

Letting Go of Distraction – Dorm life is full of distraction, so when it’s time to buckle down, make sure that you have a study area set up that is just for that purpose! Positioning your desk in the corner of the room or looking out a window is a great way to eliminate many distractions. Or, if you have the room, a shoji screen can be a great helper as well, giving you the privacy you need for quiet, thoughtful study.

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