Give Your Guests The Spa Treatment


down comforterHave visitors coming to stay this holiday season? Give your guests, and yourself, an excuse to indulge with some decadent items for your home. By choosing items for the guestroom and guest bath that you can enjoy too you’ll get the most for your money and have a happy house guest.

On crisp fall days getting out of the bath to wrap up in a warm towel is a luxurious bathroom touch. The towel warmer is a convenient and portable way to keep towels toasty. Keep this warmer in your bathroom and then bring it in the guest bath filled with fresh bath linens so visitors can enjoy it too. This warmer is a great way to give any bathroom a spa like feel.

Another guest bathroom must have is the Toothbrush Holder – Revolving Dental Center. This toothbrush holder is a must have for anyone who has frequent guests, so they can always have a toothbrush on hand.

Having plush bed linens is a must for creating an inviting bed, from the master bedroom to the guestroom. With cold weather coming soon the Aurora Down Comforter makes your bed a warm and fluffy place perfect for cuddling up at night. Make sure guests are warm too by keeping a comforter in your room and the guestroom. Top it off with a decorative duvet and you’re ready for visitors. Even if you don’t have allergies yourself, you never know when guests will have allergies, be prepared by using bedding like the Down Alternative Pillow. Down alternatives provide the same plush feel without the risk of wreaking havoc on your sinuses.

Your guests shouldn’t be the only ones to enjoy themselves in your home. Give your guests and yourself a special treat this fall with these bedroom and bathroom items.

House guests are nicer when they are comfortable. Get the essentials for guest rooms and hosting guests.