Getting Into The Fall Spirit


cozy fall tableEvery time the season changes, I like to throw a party to celebrate it. Not necessarily on the actual date, but when it really starts to feel like that season. As we all know, winter tends to drag on, spring pushes itself as far as it can, and summer (especially this year) just can’t seem to let go. So right now I’m making plans for my “welcome” party for fall. And boy is it welcome! I am so ready for a change. Fall’s party is always really exciting for me because it’s my favorite season change. By this time, I’m sick of sunny days and warm weather. I’m tired of hearing that monotonous drone of the air conditioning unit. I don’t need another backyard barbeque!

What I need is to welcome fall with open arms and celebrate it with my friends. So to plan this event, I think to myself, what reminds me of fall? When I think fall, I think cozy. When I think cozy, I think comfort. When I think of comfort (as far as food goes), I think of wine, cheese, and hearty soups. They’re dense, they’re luscious, they’re warming. So appropriate for fall! I’ll bust out the wine decanter, cheese platter and slow cooker. Simple. I want it to be extra special, and fall specific, so I’ll get everything that’s seasonal right now even the wine. Maybe a robust Syrah or a full bodied Cab.

To set the fall mood, I’ll put out seasonal decorations like flower arrangements, yummy smelling candles and centerpiece arrangements with pumpkins and fall leaves. Fall entertaining is all about honoring everything that is the season. It may not be your favorite season, but if you look closely, perhaps you’ll discover the romance and coziness that is fall!

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