Fall Cleanup for the Holidays


fall cleaningIn the spirit of “Spring Cleaning”, each fall I also like to give the house a good, thorough cleaning. Maybe because it feels like we are about to close up the house for the winter or are getting ready to hibernate. In addition to that, the holidays bring many opportunities to entertain family and friends.

While I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, at least where cleaning is concerned, I will treat it as though I am. This ensures that I will not fall behind on some of the finer points of cleaning house, because let’s face it, whatever cobwebs I swept away in Spring are back. Here is a list of the newest cleaning adventures I am adding to my list this year.

What to Clean:

1. High Ceilings – If you have tall ceilings, you are probably not dusting them every month along with your other dusting chores. So at least twice a year, it’s time to look way up high and tackle those cobwebs and dust. My favorite tool for this is a telescoping duster, they usually reach up to 30 feet to tackle the tallest of ceilings.

2. Clean Upholstery and Curtains
– Summer has brought in plenty of dust with it, and having the kids home means that there are new fingerprints all over the sofa. Machine wash curtains and sofa covers, making sure to air dry to avoid shrinkage (or you will never get those pillows back in there, trust me).

3. Carpet Care – If you have carpeted areas in the house, rent, borrow or buy a carpet cleaner. Modern ones, like the VIVA E40 Steam Cleaner are so easy to use and make an entire room look new and fresh with little effort.

What to Skip:

· Exterior Windows – they are just going to get water spots on them from the upcoming rain anyway.
· Garage Floor – that will be mudsville in no time at all, not worth the time or effort.
· Exterior Walls – they will also be splattered with mud, better to wait for Spring for this chore.

How about you? Do you like Fall Cleaning or Spring Cleaning better?