The Piles Stop Here!


piles!Say it with me, no more piles! I get so burned out on those crazy piles of bills, letters, junk mail, kids school signup sheets, magazines and, well, you know the rest. Where do these papers pile up in your home? For me, somehow it is always on the kitchen counter, which drives me bananas.

There are many ways to deal with this issue, yet it always seems to come back to one simple home storage tool: the mail organizer. And there are so many out there to choose from. Where to start? First, figure out where you need it most.


– if you have a defined entryway in your home, this is a great place to keep a mail organizer. If you walk through the door with the mail, you can instantly toss it into the right pocket to tackle later on. Just be sure the non-urgent items find their way into the recycling bin, shredder or office file drawers.


– In the kitchen, I really prefer a wall mounted mail sorter. This frees up counter space for more important kitchen uses, like, say, cooking! Look for a large one with enough pockets to be divided into incoming mail, outgoing mail, bills, kids, etc. Other bonuses to look for are hidden storage, key hooks built in, and even a message board or chalkboard on the front. If yours doesn’t come with one, a $10 can of chalkboard paint can help you out, giving you that extra amount of organization.


– I have an office, but am not well-behaved enough to actually get the mail into the office and sorted right when I come home for some reason. But, in the office, you can really go big with a large mail organizer that has many dividers. Or, a simple desktop hanging file with separate file folders for each item of business works well too!
How do you deal with piles in your home?