Dealing With those Extra Holiday Pounds


holiday-fitness.jpgNow that you’re stuffed to the brim, maybe you are thinking about those 3 pounds you gained last holiday season. And the one before that, and so on… you get the picture. The day after Thanksgiving is a great day to get started on making a plan for avoiding (or at least minimizing the damage) from those holiday pounds. After all, it’s a long weekend for many of us, a great time to catch up on (or dust off) your exercising routine. My rule for holiday health is to keep it fun, though. Why drag something dull and over-the-top uncomfortable into a season that is supposed to be filled with cheer?

Here are some tips depending on your starting fitness level, and also some great (ahem) excuses for other holiday-related reasons that we all tend to gain weight during this time of year (can you say “Stress”?) from the Boston Globe.


– Walk, walk walk. It’s simply the best, easiest and most pleasurable exercise for beginners. A few hours of walking per week will help minimize that weight gain. Also, try something that’s purely fun (and also happens to be exercise at the same time.) Ice skating with your friends or significant other is romantic and burns 360 calories per hour when done “lightly” (stats for a 140 lb woman).


– If you already run, swim or bike, consider adding one of the other of these three parts of a triathlon to your routine once a week. Adding an extra hour long workout in any form will help eat away at those extra calories.

    Fitness Pros

– This is a great time to (read: very gradually) start training for that half marathon, open water swim or other friendly yet competitive event you’ve been thinking of doing. Plan it for the sometime during the first three months of the next year and get moving. Note: don’t try to fit in more than one more workout per week than you are already doing, or you risk injury and mental burn-out.

Here’s to a happy, healthy Holiday Season!