Pamper Your Pet this Holiday


When planning out your gift-giving list, don’t forget your littlest friend! I remember when I was a kid we always made stockings for our cats and dogs, putting a simple bone or kitty treat in there on Christmas day for them to dig out! If you want to get your pet something a little more special, check out these gifts:

Great Paw Comfort Corner Dog Bed
A fluffy, comfy dog bed that comes complete with a machine washable fleece liner!

Pet On-The-Go Dish
This Pet Bowl set comes complete with lids – great for roadtrips or overnights at grandma’s!

Large Bosco Dog Bed
An adorable bed for an adorable dog!

Pet Center Tote
This Pet Center Tote makes a great gift for friends and family with dogs!

Iris Elevated Feeder Storage
The Iris Elevated Feeder Storage makes your pet comfortable while eating and includes built in storage underneath for easy refills!

Need more ideas for spoiling your favorite pet this holiday season? Check out our Pampered Pets gift guide for dozens of new ideas!

    Pet Gift Shopping Guide:
  • Great Paw Comfort Corner Dog Bed
  • Pet On-The-Go Dish
  • Large Bosco Dog Bed
  • Pet Center Tote
  • Iris Elevated Feeder Storage
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