What is a Snobby, French Press Drinking Coffee-Lover to Do?


Coffee Picture - courtesy of nomilknocryIf you are like me, every day has to begin with a piping hot cup of coffee. Without that hot libation, my day simply is shot – and on a few occasions I have had to go without. Blurry-eyed and in a daze, I set about my daily tasks as if I was moving in slow motion. My wife and I prefer to brew our coffee using the French Press method because it is quick and (in my humble opinion) yields an exponentially tastier cup of coffee.

For those that do not know, the best way to enjoy your coffee is to get it in whole bean form and grind it yourself each time you brew. Whole beans retain their flavor and freshness for a significantly longer time than pre-ground coffee. And no, putting in the freezer does nothing to preserve freshness, and in fact the ground beans absorb the foul odors that tend to exist in the freezer or fridge – for some stale banana-flavored coffee, just put a bag of ground beans in with some old bananas and, voila!

These days single-cup coffee is all the rage, and for good reasons. It allows each person to brew their own personalized coffee, eliminating the need to brew both decaf and regular, plus there are many different flavor options. However, as a coffee snob I find the quality of the flavor to be on the low-to-average side, and they do not have the right kind of “boldness” I seek in a great cup of coffee.

Like I said above, many people choose K cups and other single-serve coffee because it is easy to store the cups in racks and there is little clean up. So what is a snobby, French Press drinking coffee-lover to do about storing those whole beans for the grinding?

A great idea for storing and dispensing these whole coffee beans into your grinder is to use an air-tight pourable canister. These canisters are perfect because they can store up to 2 quarts of beans, and are designed to pour the beans, ensuring you get all of the beans into the grinder! This eliminates the annoying situation of coffee beans spilled on the floor, which can quickly turn into a huge mess if someone walks over the beans, effectively grinding them up on your floor.

How do you like your coffee?

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  • February 5, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Thanks for the tip! Me – whole bean, dark roast, preferably Peete’s. I use antique Ball canning jars to store mine. 🙂

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