Fabric Bins in Every Color – Product of the Week


Fabric BinsThese Non Woven Storage Cubes are brand new on the market, and are ready to solve storage problems throughout the home in every room! With colors ranging from neutral canvas to bright green, red and navy blue, these fabric bins can do any organizing job in style. Take a quick look around the living room, office or bedroom, and allow your eyes to settle on the first bit of clutter they come across. In most homes, this is a bookshelf, desk, dresser top or basically any other resting surface. It seems to be human nature to fill up empty spaces with stuff, stuff and more stuff.

Fabric bins and baskets are an easy fix for clutter. Now imagine that same cluttered surface with a line-up of clean-lined bins like these, with all of your stuff hidden away in them…a much better look, I think.

Here are some refreshing ideas for using fabric bins and baskets around the home and office for storage:

  • Kitchen Pantry – Fabric bins are great in a large pantry to divide up the shelves and keep sauce packets, spices or even potatoes contained! Or, put all of your common baking items (flour, sugar, baking powder and soda) in one of these bins – simply bring it to the counter when baking time comes around and take it back to the pantry when you are done.
  • Closet – Use these bins above the closet rod on the existing shelf to hold scarves, shoes and accessories. This gives the closet a neat and tidy look and also keeps items from falling off the shelf and onto the floor.
  • Office – Line bookcases with baskets or bins to hold odds and ends, or space them sporadically in between books, doubling as storage and bookends for a tidy look!
  • Kids’ Rooms – An easy and obvious choice for toy storage, or for keeping arts and crafts supplies under control!
  • Fabric bins offer an easy, stylish fix for almost any modern storage dilemma!