Patriotic Home Decor Finds – In the Unlikeliest of Places…


We’ve all seen our share of patriotic placemats, quilts and even dishes. But if you are looking to add a touch of patriotism to your home in a new way, check out these fun Patriotic Home Decor Finds that take their posts in the un-likeliest of places. Flag-decor not your thing? You’ll still get a kick out of looking at these bright, bold home accents and their far-out locations (laundry room, anyone?).

Patriotic Present Coir Doormat
The Patriotic Present Coir Doormat is full of fun and function but is subtle in its presentation with a navy blue background, stars and two stripes tied into a bow! A perfect alternative to (or addition to) flying a flag for independence day!

Lazzari Flag Design Laundry Hamper
And here is that patriotic laundry helper I was talking about! The Lazzari Flag Design Laundry Hamper is pure fun and pride, bold, sturdy and large enough for the whole family to use!

Scenic Mailbox - U.S Flag
Classy and beautiful, the U.S Flag Scenic Mailbox is a true showstopper! A great way to show your love of country and weather-ready with an internal strut construction.

Royal Dynasty USA Flag Wind Chime
Another somewhat subtle approach to patriotism, the Royal Dynasty USA Flag Wind Chime is a lovely outdoor accent for the patio, front yard or back. The colorful accents are made of stained glass and cast in pewter. This makes a wonderful gift for friends and family alike!

Outdoor Area Rug - Patriotic
And back to the bold red, white and blue, this fun Patriotic Outdoor Area Rug offers a great way to accent your patio, provide comfort under your feet and show your patriotic side at the same time!