Savvy Outdoor Storage Solutions


So you’ve decorated and groomed the patio and gardens for summer entertaining, now what? Besides the obvious next step (inviting friends over for a party), the next great upgrade for your outdoor space, whether it is a front porch, a back deck or a grassy garden area, is to add storage for all of those summer-entertaining tools to keep your outdoor space neat and tidy. Here are some great finds for either adding storage or making the most of what you already have:

Storage Box
A sturdy deck box, like this beautiful dark brown eucalyptus Storage Box, can hold cushions, candles, even dishes, and should always double as extra seating for those summer parties. Check weight capacity limits on any deck box you buy to ensure your guests can use it that way.

Folding Picnic Chair with Red Canvas
Folding chairs, like the Folding Picnic Chair with Red Canvas, should be part of any backyard dining or lounge area plan. They can be folded up for storage when not needed. This fun modern one adds a punch of color on its canvas back.

Mansfield Outdoor Storage Bin
Not your average storage bin, the Mansfield Outdoor Storage Bin looks almost like a decorative piece or furniture, yet slyly provides a place to hide throws, dirty towels, or even gardening tools. Working with your outdoor decor instead of against it, look for a smart storage option like this one.

Telefix 100 Wall Mount Laundry Drying Rack
Smart, neat and tidy, the Telefix 100 Wall Mount Laundry Drying Rack can dry your laundry out in the sun, or it can simply be used as a place to hang wet towels, bathing suits, and more! It retracts to a single towel bar when the extra drying space is not needed.

Cedar Entertainment and Storage Unit
And if you have a pool in your backyard, or lots of kids with sporting and outdoor gear, a large freestanding shelf, like this Cedar Entertainment and Storage Unit, is a great choice. Backed up against the house or in a corner, it can hold everything from pet supplies to towels, gardening and barbeque tools. Look for one, like this cedar model, that is made of plastic or a wood or metal that is treated for outdoor use.

With a little planning, you can incorporate storage into any outdoor space this summer!