Packing Up the Party


Plate ProtectorWith Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, and New Year’s Eve just a day away, it’s time to think about packing up the party. Here are our best tools and tips on storage for all of your party gear:

Keep Linens Wrinkle-Free (and ready to go for your next get-together): For tablecloths that you will be bringing out again at Easter and those summer soirees, mount a tension shower curtain rod at the back of the pantry to hang tablecloths from, thus avoiding wrinkle-issues.

Napkins, serving picks and those must-have festive umbrellas: For all of your small party and bar accessories, consider dedicating a drawer in your buffet, cabinets or even a small basket in the back of the pantry to keep everything in one place, ready to party next season!

Restock Non-Perishables: Think sparkling cider, champagne, jars of olives, paper napkins, plastic cups if necessary, and a can of cocktail peanuts. This ensures you are ready to celebrate any occasion for the rest of the year!

Create a Party Storage Corner: At the back of your pantry or even in the hall closet, create a space where you keep all of your party gear in one place. This makes entertaining so much easier the next time around!

Dealing with Dishes:
Storing your special occasion dishes requires careful planning to avoid breakage. Covered china storage cases are one option. But if you like to keep your dishes on display in a buffet or glass front cabinet, simply use plate protectors (or a square of bubble wrap) in between dishes to reduce wear and tear.

Stemware Solutions: For your finest champagne flutes, a Stemware Chest with rigid sides offers easy access yet maximum protection in between toasts. For everyday stemware or those which you like to keep out on display, an Under Cabinet Stemware Holder is the perfect choice!