Labor Day weekend 2015


Sunset Camp For many, Labor Day is the last chance at a weekend getaway before summer fades into fall.

If you’re packing up the family car for one more camping trip, you want to make sure you have everything you need to make it count. By this point in the summer, you should have you gear ready to go, but here are a few essentials that will make you review your checklist: CFDA AWARDS DRESSES CELEBRITY OCCASION DRESSES

  • Food is an important part of any vacation, and when you’re planning a camping trip grilling is top of the list. I usually recommend packing at least two coolers – one for food and one for drinks, but I just came across this great organizer and I think it’s perfect for camping. The Trunk Organizer with Cooler is ideal for a family get away. The cooler is perfect for hot dogs, burgers and more while the multitude of pockets and cubbies house any shelf stable snacks like fresh fruit, chips and bottles. It’s an organizers dream come true, honestly. It fits perfect in any hatch or trunk and doesn’t need to be removed once you’ve set up camp. Keep foods in the trunk and there’s no need to worry about pesky animals snacking on your dinner. Even add jumper cables and other travel necessities. If you need more room for drinks, add another cooler.
  • When you have the whole family at one camp site, it is important to create usable space. Pop up canopies are a huge help in this area. Canopies help create shelter without getting in your tent or camper. Set up a table and chairs, maybe keep your coolers under it – whatever you want to do. Just make sure you have it anchored down!
  • One of the biggest realizations I have had while camping over the years is the simplest: trash. Sometimes you end up with food waste or empty wrappers, but it’s not terribly convenient to dispose of properly. Plus, you don’t want to keep it out or just in a trash bag because then you invite animals to your site. The best solution I have found is utilizing a plastic storage bin. Find one that seals real tight and use it to keep empty cans or bottles, trash, food and more until you can get to a garbage can.

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Exploring decorative garment racks


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Yes, garment racks can actually be stylish. Small spaces demand extra storage, but when we add storage pieces we can add them in a manner that helps a room decoratively instead of hurting it.

No closet? No worry. Decorative garment racks can be a focal point in small bedrooms. Display your style by sorting and organizing clothes, shoes, bags and more. Assemble your wardrobe in a manner that compliments your decor instead of being an eyesore.

This Adjustable Garment Rack is the perfect addition to any small space. Create storage to fit your needs with this rack that extends to accommodate you. Top and bottom shelves make it super easy to fold and store jeans, t-shirts and more. Shoes can sit in order as well, creating a clean look.

For something more sleek, consider the Heavy Duty Garment Rack. This chrome finished storage piece has a boxy, modern design that is sure to be a great accent to any contemporary decor. Top and bottom shelves hold up to 300 pounds each – perfect for extra storage throughout the home. The clothes rod can hold up to 170 pounds, perfect for any wardrobe.

If you’re looking for covered storage, this Storage Closet with Doors is the perfect solution. The sturdy steel frame features double door entry as well as double bottom drawers. Utilize 43 inches of hanging space, all protected by a breathable mesh cover that keeps contents fresh.

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Simple, realistic steps towards a paperless kitchen


The thought of creating a paperless kitchen may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of the right organizational pieces it can be easily done. Any home – small or large, contemporary or traditional – can be reorganized to limit paper products.

instagram_paperlessFirst, it is important to consider your household, the people around you and what level of change is appropriate for your lifestyle. Going paperless doesn’t have to be a black and white choice – any move in the right direction has its impact. It is important to communicate with your family and agree on a plan of action before implementing any large changes in your home.

Before you begin

There are lots of easy ways to make your own kitchen towels on the cheap. For specifics, check our Pinterest board on the same subject. If you’re not the hands-on type, start stocking up on towels when you find them on sale. It’s important to start loading up on towels before riding your home of paper products. You want to be ready to tackle life’s messes sans-paper before you run out of paper towels, napkins, etc. This way you can seamlessly transition from one lifestyle to the next.


Once you have stocked up on dish and hand towels as well as fabric napkins, it is time to find a storage solution that works for you. A lot of organizers love utilizing glass candy jars to keep clean towels at the ready. This allows you to keep towels near the sink or on the counter top without compromising neatness or décor. paperless_rags

For dish towels or other rags that may not be as pretty to display, consider re-purposing a plastic bag recycler. These handy bins are hidden under kitchen counters to create out-of-sight storage. Fill them with clean kitchen rags and easily access a towel whenever you need it.

Use and cleaning

Once it is time to throw towels in the dirty laundry, it’s necessary to have a receptacle in the kitchen. Utilize an over the cabinet waste bin to collect dirty towels. This small, stylish trash bin hangs over cabinet doors; you can hang them to sit either inside or outside the door. Doing this limits the need to do laundry more frequently, and keeping it tucked under the counter keeps any odors or stains out of sight.

Not all towels are ready to toss in the laundry after one use though. To allow them to dry properly and keep them at hand for another use, add extra areas to hang them. Over the door towel racks are the perfect way to create more storage without compromising wall space or creating permanent structures. These handy rods simply slid over kitchen cabinet doors without hardware or tools – plus, they’re padded to protect wood from scratches and signs of wear. These racks are also perfect for the bathroom!

Once you have these simple organizational hacks conquered, a paperless kitchen will be just another aspect of your everyday life. And then you can work to utilize it throughout the rest of the house!

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Make laundry easier on yourself


Laundry doesn’t have to be a chore. Well, not a begrudging one at least. Proper storage and organization can cut down the time you spend in the laundry room.


laundry2Create a proper home for cleaning supplies with a storage cart. This model fits perfectly between the washer and dryer, creating a convenient and out-of-eye-sight solution. This three tier laundry cart takes up just eight inches of space in width. Store softener sheets, detergent, an iron, bleach and more safely.laundry1

Keep the ironing board tucked out of sight too with a holder or hanger. This wall mounted hanger holds your ironing board upright when folded. This piece features a top basket too, perfect for storing your iron, spray starch and more.


This contemporary laundry sorter includes four canvas bags that hang from a solid metal frame. Wire handles make it super simple to add and remove bags when transporting laundry throughout the home. Rolling and locking casters make it so easy to load clothes in the wash straight from the bags. This piece is a must-have for family homes with piles of laundry.laundry3


Cut down the time you spending folding clothes, too. Thanks to this shirt folder, you can quicken the process of getting clean clothes back in their rightful place. This folder is made from durable plastic, so it is sure to work for years. The non-slip surface is easy to use for big and small hands alike. Utilizing this folder helps reduce wrinkles too!laundry4


If you’re looking to save money on supplies, consider making your own detergent.

What you need:

  • Fels Naptha Bar Soap
  • Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
  • Borax
  • Essential oils if desired

What you do:

  • Grate bar soap with microplane
  • Add one cup borax
  • Add one cupsoda
  • Mix in food processor until combined as one powder
  • Add essential oils if desired; not necessary
  • Add two tablespoons to each load of laundry

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Create the perfect home study nook


Our preparation for the new school year continues. This week, we’re focusing on creating the best home study space. Creating a comfortable place to hit the books not only increases the likelihood of homework getting done, but it encourages excellent organizing skills in other parts of life.study2

When creating your home study nook, keep two things in mind: schedule and time management. Creating a weekly schedule of when you plan to sit down, disconnect from the world and study is super important. Plan ahead and schedule time to get studying done so you can tackle it slowly throughout the week — instead of having to power through it all at once come the weekend.

Time management is just as important. When studying, it is ideal to allow yourself time to rest. Break up your studies into smaller pieces and reward yourself when you hit a checkpoint. Try to clear your mind for a few minutes without resorting to social media, television or conversations — and then get back to the books!

Of course, creating and outfitting your study place is the most important part.

Create the perfect home study space

  • Student planner: To start, you need to organize your responsibilities. Keep track of classes, homework, tests and more with this student agenda. This daily agenda has lots of room to jot down every day to-do’s. Dated for the 2015-16 school year, this planner has both monthly and daily calendars. Choose from multiple colors.
  • Dry erase calendar decal: Having a separate calendar for life’s commitments allows you to focus on homework within your planner, making it easier to keep track of assignments. A calendar for all of life’s activities is a must as well. This cool decal can be placed right above your desk. This way you can keep track of doctor’s appointments, family commitments and other things that don’t fit in your agenda.study1
  • Bulletin board: This contemporary bulletin board is the perfect mix of fun and efficiency. Pin up photos and ticket stubs as well as assignment outlines and more. This board comes with both 12 magnets and 12 pushpins.
  • Desktop organizer: Keep papers filed and organized. This cheeky desktop organizer is perfect for sorting files, important documents, even pencils or pens. The lighthearted “JUNK” text across the front adds fun to efficiency.
  • Wrist support note pad: Jot down last minute notes and reminders with this fun notepad. Designed to double as a keyboard wrist pad, this paper notepad includes 60 sheets. Like the desktop organizer, this pad has a sense of humor as displayed by its header: “Things I’ll forget to remember.”

study4 study3

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Go back to school with healthy packed lunches


Ready or not, here comes another school year. As the homework piles up, it’s important to keep your attention to detail. There’s no denying it, some days it is just easier to have the kids grab lunch in the cafeteria, but today’s lunchrooms are chock full of sugary drinks and salty snacks that begin a lifetime of unhealthy habits.

Utilize these handy pieces to create quick, easy and healthy lunches every day:

lunch1Japanese style lunch box

Let lunch get creative with this Bento Box style lunch box. Bento Boxes are a traditional boxed meal in Japanese culture. They typically have separate containers for rice, protein and veggies. Modern twists on this style create an easy way to pack a well-balanced, healthy lunch for work or school. This specific design features a nesting container with three cubbies and a lid – perfect for packing and separating items without using disposable plastic bags.

Reusable lunch wrap

lunch2If you or your kids or more of just the plain ol’ sandwich type, this reusable wrap is for you. You can pack any kind of sandwich without using plastic wrap.

Snack dipperlunch4lunch3

Snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Packing healthy snacks is super easy thanks to this cool double compartment container. This piece is designed to accommodate your favorite dips and sides, like hummus with carrots, celery with peanut butter and more. This case is awesome for lunches but is great for a quick study break snack you can throw in your purse, backpack, briefcase and more.

Salad container with dressing holder

The ultimate in healthy lunches: a simple salad. Not so simple to pack though.  Well that has changed. This handy container is made to pack your favorite salad, complete with a side of salad dressing. The leak proof container is also ideal for stir-f
ry, pasta and other dishes. It comes with a detachable ice pack so it’s super easy to keep foods cool during the day – this container can sit in your locker before lunch and stay fresh.

Feeling inspired? Check us out on Pinterest for lunch ideas. 
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