A small coat rack with baskets can make a big difference


Sometimes it’s not just about finding the right garment rack for your needs — it’s about being creative and re-purposing an already amazing piece.

I love rethinking the products that come across my desk and finding new ways to use them. Not too long ago, this gorgeous Bronze Entryway Coat Rack came my way. I love it’s multi-use design and it’s industrial feel. It’s a great piece to use throughout the home, but I think it would be especially awesome in the bedroom or walk-in closet.

Designed with two baskets and three hooks, this organizational piece is great for mail and handbags by the front door,  but it would be right at home in the bedroom. Think clutches and wallets in the baskets, hats and maybe a bathrobe from the hooks.

Complimentary pieces like this rack can take stress off of your already existing garment racks without adding large, bulky pieces to an already furnished room. Plus, the wall rack adds a great decorative element to empty walls.

This functional piece adds undeniable style. The wire basket design is a great industrial accent to any contemporary decor, while the soft bronze finish is neutral enough to fit into any traditional setting.

This basket coat rack would also work wonders in a bathroom. Hang towels while storing extra toiletries in the baskets.

Constructed from durable steel, this long-lasting coat rack with baskets includes pr-drilled holes and all the hardware needed for a quick installation.

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Fall storage: Patio furniture covers


The leaves are starting to turn in my neighborhood. I keep thinking it’s too early, but then I remember we are at the tail end of September. Then I also remember — with a sigh — that autumn doesn’t just mean bonfires, hot apple cider and warm sweaters. It means raking leaves, sealing windows and — ugh — storing patio furniture.

While it is ideal to store patio furniture in the shed or garage, if you’re like me,  it’s not always possible. My sad little one car garage can only do so much. That’s why furniture covers are such a blessing. These durable protective guards protect against wind, snow, sleet, rain and whatever else Mother Nature has to throw at you.

We’re all familiar with the standard table, chair and even grill covers that protect our belongings all winter long, but what else are you forgetting to cover? A quick search brought me to these unique covers that I had never though of before. I know what I’m doing this weekend:

Heater covers

Patio heaters are an awesome thing to have on cool summer nights and brisk fall evenings. They make it possible to use your patio through spring, summer and fall so you can get the most out of your outdoor space before the snow falls. Once cold weather hits, how do you store it if you do not have the indoor space?

These covers are designed to fit your patio heater snug and tight. A full-length zipper makes it super easy to cover and remove this protective guard. The polyester blend is perfect for all extreme temperatures and is sure to protect as well as preserve the quality of your fixture. PVC undercoating provides a waterproof seal with a splash guard to keep off moisture and salt associated with northern winters. They even feature air vents to reduce moisture and condensation on the inside.

Window air conditioner covers

If you live in an apartment or have an extra window unit in the bedroom, you know that air conditioner sits unused all winter and needs to be cleaned before turning it back on in the spring. But have you thought about covering it during the winter? A waterproof guard keeps your air conditioner dry and clean during the off-season. The easy-to-use design features an elastic hem that keeps the cover in place throughout all weather conditions. You can choose from both square and rounded versions, sure to fit which ever style unit you have.

Swing covers

Patio swings are also difficult to store. They’re large, hard to move and it is a real pain to take them apart just to reassemble in the spring. They too can be covered to protect against moisture, wind and debris. Buckles hold this cover closed and allows it to protect your outdoor swing with PVC coating and a splash guard to create a moisture-safe, waterproof seal. The elastic bottom with cord allows you to fit this cover perfectly to what ever style swing you have.

Aside from these clever covers, you always want to make sure you protecting any chairs or tables you have remaining outside.

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Clothing storage to fit your space and style


Finding the perfect clothing storage is essential. You want something that is going to fit your wardrobe, but also fit the style and space of your closet or bedroom. 

While garment racks remain an excellent choice for large wardrobes, they’re not always a great fit decor wise. But there can be middle ground between the simple garment rack and large, bulky dressers or wardrobes. And I’ve found it!

Storage shelves and bins 

Chest of drawers, storage shelf — whatever you choose to call them, this style of clothing storage is perfect for any space. You can find these shelves in a million different styles and easily customize them to fit your needs. Choose the number of bins you use, how they’re arranged and even use two units together to create a bigger storage piece.

My most recent find are these Bamboo Storage Towers. Available in a 43 inch by 13 inch style or a 34 inch by 18 style, both of these tall chest of drawers include four bins. These shelves are constructed from environmentally friendly bamboo with a natural finish that brings a classic accent to any decor. The wider shelf comes with two small bins and two large bins, perfect for containing clothes, accessories, handbags and more. The taller of the two comes with four the smaller bins.

These shelves are great as space-conserving secondary clothing storage in your bedroom, but they also work great in closets or even master bathrooms.

These shelves are great because they have the efficiency of a classic storage shelf or garment rack, but they offer a stylish alternative that blends in great with the comfy decor of any bedroom. It doesn’t look like plain old storage — but it still performs the task.

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Wind chimes create a soothing outdoor escape


The delicate sound of garden wind chimes creates the perfect at-home escape from the busy world.

wind-chimes-2We are constantly adding new collections to our site and recently we found this excellent wind chime manufacturer, Woodstock Chimes. This family-owned business is based out of Hudson Valley, New York. Woodstock Chimes creates and produces high quality, unique pieces that are sure to provide a sense of calm and joy to any age with their world-famous sounds.

When the catalog of wind chimes hit my desk, my first thought was, “but summer is over!”

How wrong I was. Gentle autumn breezes create the perfect environment for these timeless melodies. Crisp air and the traveling twinkle of wind chimes is the perfect setting for carving pumpkins, picking apples, and enjoying warm cider and donuts.

Here are of my favorites:


  • Plays the notes found in the patriotic song, America the Beautiful.
  • Playful, light melody will have your soul soaring on the breeze.
  • Named to honor the role nature’s habitats play on the eco-system.
  • A lifetime tuning guarantee is offered through the manufacturer.
  • Hang the wind chimes out in the yard using the ring at the top.
  • Creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere – perfect for relaxation.
  • The wind catcher displays a carved dragonfly, butterfly, or owl.
  • Antique copper finish and steel plated constructed wind catcher.
  • Chime tubes are crafted from bronze-finished, recycled aluminum.
  • Top piece and clapper are made from Bubinga-finished ash wood.


  • Offers a relaxing atmosphere to your backyard garden or seating space.
  • The chimes move with the breeze to create random patterns of sound.
  • Hand-tuned to a universal five-note pentatonic scale for rich notes.
  • Rich and deep musical notes are created as the wind ruffles the chimes.
  • A lifetime tuning guarantee is offered through the manufacturer.
  • Use the top ring to hang the wind chimes from any outdoor hook.
  • Tubes are crafted from durable, recycled aluminum material.
  • Clapper, wind catcher, and top piece are made from ash wood.
  • Comes in several color combinations to blend into any space.
  • Makes a unique gift for the music lover on your holiday list.
  • Named for the third planet in our system we call home; Earth.

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Pet food storage ideas that will save you time



Is this photo too familiar?

Proper storage for your pet’s food is a must, not only for your convenience, but for your friends health too! A few staple pieces will make this task an easy one to keep up:

The basics

The most important pieces you need are a plastic bin and a scoop. That’s it! When looking for a plastic bin, find one large enough to hold at least an entire bag of your preferred dry kibble. You also want to make sure there is some space left so you can easily scoop. Also look for a bin that has at least two latches on the side — you want an airtight seal that is going to promote freshness and longevity.

The Airtight Storage Tote has SIX latches and a clear finish that makes it easy to tell at a glance when you need to stock up on food. You can also use a garbage can if the space you have is vertical. Just make sure you use something with a secure lid like this Sterilite Plastic Kitchen Trash Can.

Next, the scoop. This is one is easier, I promise. You want to search for something that is constructed from a food-safe, durable material. It’s a real plus if you can find that has a loop or hole for hanging too. This BPA-free plastic scoop is great find with a half cup capacity.


If you’d rather just skip the searching and find a system that is ready to go, there are plenty of complete pet food storage bins out there! This model from our friends at Iris comes complete with a latching lid and four rolling casters. It’s super easy to move around the house and holds more than enough with a 33 quart capacity.


Looking for something different? Consider these food storage ideas that easily transition to food storage for our furry friends:

  • Cereal dispenser: The under counter cereal dispenser is a great way to save time. Simply place you buddy’s food bowl underneath, pull the lever and watch the kibble fill.
  • Bulk Food Dispenser: This is a great idea for cat food. This pitcher-like bin holds food, bag and all. The handle makes it super easy to pour and a tight-latching top keeps contents fresh.

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