12 Reasons You Keep Clothes You Never Wear (and What to Do About It)


12 Reasons You Keep Clothes You Do Not Wear

12 Reasons You Keep Clothes You Never Wear (and How to Get Rid of Them)

1. You lost weight or gained weight and are anticipating a significant change in your size (it happens – when you make it happen).

2. You were inebriated or in a fugue state while you were shopping. What were you thinking? You hate that color and there’s no sleeves and yet, you never show your arms…

3. Your hormones were raging and you thought it looked sexy at the time, and now you’re having doubts.

4. Someone “gifted” you the hideous garment and you feel guilty (while simultaneously hating it), so it hangs there and continually makes you feel bad while hogging valuable real esate in your closet and drawers.

5. It reminds you of something, an event, a date, a special someone, and yet, it is now out of style.

6. Plaid just doesn’t fit into your professional wardrobe, but you were overcome with a feeling of nostalgia for the Bay City Rollers that Saturday at the outlet mall, plus the schoolgirl skirt was on special.

7. You know that glitter toe socks will have a third big moment when you are in your fifties or sixties, as they have already had two major showings. Meanwhile, they suck up nine valuable, cubic inches in your sock drawer.

8. Your best friend persuaded you to buy it because she liked it, and you were feeling particularly vulnerable, needy and/or impulsive that day.

9. You simply ARE really a compulsive shopper, and the evidence is stuffed in your closet. It’s okay. Admitting it is part of the healing…

10. Studded leather was really hot when you were in college, but you no longer have the courage to wear it indoors or out (or the red dog collar).

11. The dressing room mirror was the distorted, tricky, skinny type and didn’t correspond to your home mirror, i.e., it looked better in the store.

12. You bought it for the special event that never happened and never will.

So now you’ve identified the cause for hanging onto the burdensome garment, so here’s what to do next:

1. Donate to Goodwill.

2. Pass it on to your younger sister, brother, or special someone.

3. Give it to someone you don’t like (Marie Kondo won’t like this).

4. Toss it (this is not the eco-friendly thing, necessarily).

5. Recycle it, but this means it’s still taking up cubic inches in your home. Example, underwear and socks make great dust rags and a sweater can be upcycled into a tube top for your tablet. Or… better to just do number 4, actually.

You’re welcome.

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Stacks and Stacks Integrated Into Organize-It Site



Longtime Homeware and Organizing E-Commerce Site Folded into Organize-It

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI – Organize-It, the online storage and organization retailer, has folded the homeware site stacksandstacks.com into organizeit.com. The Stacks and Stacks site, purchased by Organize-It in 2014, enjoyed a long run online as one of the internet’s premiere organizing and home goods sites. The recent decision to incorporate Stacks into organizeit.com was based on a desire to provide a better shopping experience by consolidating all products into one website.

“Cutting out some online marketing, streamlining site maintenance, and centralizing the shopping experience is expected to both reduce costs and increase revenue for Organize-It,” remarked GM Chris Nylen. The transition should be seamless to Stacks and Stacks shoppers as they will be automatically transferred to a corresponding page on the Organize It site when they go to any Stacks URL. Most customers were already aware that Stacks had become an Organize-It property. “Since the asset acquisition, maintaining the additional site had become burdensome,” continued Nylen.

Nylen added, “The move will have no adverse impact on shoppers as products will be processed, packed, and shipped using the same personnel and services. The biggest benefit to consumers is that nearly 8000 additional products have been added to organizeit.com, meaning customers will have many more choices in one convenient location. This brings the product count for organizeit.com to nearly 25,000, making it a site worth visiting when shopping for storage, organization or homeware products.”

About Organize-It

An independent retailer established in 1997, Organize-It works with a growing number of vendors to provide the best in storage, organizing, and home products, including: closet organizers, kitchen gadgets, laundry organizers, garage cabinets, and office wares. Through their e-commerce websites, Organize-It offers a wide range of unique products. In addition to homewares and organizing products, they offer custom closet design and installation services. For more information about Organize-It, go to organizeit.com.