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Clutter Control Freak — from Stacks and Stacks is a multi-expert blog that provides ideas, advice, and news about how to organize your home, office, garden and life with innovative, tested, highly functional, well-designed products, many of which are available through our website.

Our readers are also invited to contribute content in the form of tips, before & after photos, videos, stories, and advice. And other readers will get to vote on which contributions are the most useful. We want to make this a great resource for you.

Here are some of the features we hope you’ll contribute to – and for which there’ll often be fabulous prizes:

  • Clutter Hacks – readers’ before and after photos of organization projects
  • House Tours – your video tours of your organized home, office, garden, garage, etc.
  • And we’ll also welcome your videos, blog post suggestions and tips about any topic on the blog.

There’ll be other contests and – of course – there will be great prizes.

Stacks and Stacks, founded in 1984, has over 40,000 items, and has sold more than 1,700,000 items that help people simplify their lives with functional, innovative, tested products from reliable manufacturers

discount prom dressesOur business has grown and prospered because of its multi-talented, ingenious, and amazing staff, and our great customers.

The content of Clutter Control Freak is available in three ways: here, on the blog; through our RSS feed; and in our newsletter. The only way to comment, however, is here, at the bottom of each post. Please feel free to comment, and to suggest ways for us to make our Clutter Control Freak blog better.

Mel Ronick
Founder and President
Stacks and Stacks

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