Home Safety


Staying safe everywhere from at home to on the road is always a concern. By being prepared and having the things you need to keep yourself safe you can cut out some of the worry.

Bio-Matic Fingerprint Lock by Itouchless by Itouchless

When it comes to protecting your home your first defense should be locks that are secure. Using a high tech finger print scanner this door lock keeps your home safe while ensuring that your whole family can get inside, even when they don’t have a key on hand, perfect for anyone with kids.

 Solar Security Light - Centurion

At night keeping the exterior of your home well lit is a great way to keep intruders at bay. The Solar Security Light – Centurion has an eco friendly solar design that allows this flood light to provide its own power.

Power Dome - Portable Power Station

At home or on the go, having back up power on hand is always useful in case of a car battery that needs a jump or a power outage. The Power Dome – Portable Power Station provides portable power so you can bring it with you.

Tool Box - Mastercraft Lantern

Whether you’re running errands or going on a long car trip, you should never leave home without a car safety kit. Coming complete with a lantern and built in tool kit the Tool Box – Mastercraft Lantern has a compact design perfect for leaving in your trunk in case of emergencies.

53 Piece Roadside Tool Kit in Soft Sided Bag with Air Compressor

For even more roadside assistance the 53 Piece Roadside Tool Kit in Soft Sided Bag with Air Compressor has every scenario covered. Coming with an air compressor, booster cables, a flash light and other tools, this set has everything you need in case you have car trouble. A bag provides storage for all the tools, so all you have to remember to do is throw it in the car.

With a little planning you can be ready for any emergency.


Keep Your Patio Furniture Fresh For Spring With Furniture Covers


For those of you that live way out on the East Coast and in the South, you surely know what a huge pain the summer can be when those massive thunderstorms roll around, especially if you own cushioned or weather-sensitive patio furniture.

outdoor furniture covers by laminet cover

outdoor furniture covers by laminet cover

Of course, most folks just deal with it and move the furniture to drier ground when it looks as if a storm is a-brewing. The only problem with that solution is that it always seems like thunderstorms strike at the worst possible moment. There is just no possible way to be there for every single storm all summer. Because of this most just suck it up and replace the furniture’s cushions every year; the problem is even worse for those with weather-sensitive items, in which entire sets must be replaced every few years.

However, there is a simple and practical solution to summertime storms ruining your patio furniture. The easiest, quickest and, most importantly, least expensive solution I have heard about is purchasing outdoor furniture covers by Laminet Cover. These covers are available in sizes specially made for round tables, chairs and chaise lounges. Made with two levels of polyethylene material that has been UV-stabilized, these covers really get the job done.
What is also great about the UV stabilization is that bright, sunny days will not dry out the covers, leaving them susceptible to cracking and tearing. In fact, these covers are tear resistant. This is great because it would be really annoying to have to bring your furniture inside on sunny days to keep the covers from cracking and tearing!

At the base are round grommets, and a set of nylon tie-downs are included. These features allow tying the base shut, keeping your furniture really safe from moisture and keep the furniture covers from blowing away in the wind.
All of these furniture covers and other outdoor furniture accessories can be found online at Stacks and Stacks!