Pack a Picnic


Sydney Picnic Backpack for Two by Sutherland Baskets

Mix up your weekend with a picnic packed for two. Don’t think you want to lug a picnic basket with you? There are all sorts of updated picnic bags and backpacks that allow you to carry your food and supplies with you wherever you go. The Sydney Picnic Backpack for Two can be worn while riding your bike and has an organized interior that keeps everything you need, from plates to pepper, in place. This picnic set has everything you need for a classic picnic, so even though you’re roughing it, you can still serve a first class meal.

Just looking to pack your favorite bottle of wine? The Connoisseur Leather Wine Carrier comes with a compartment for storing a wine bottle and another for two acrylic wine glasses. Coming complete with a corkscrew and glasses, this tote has everything you need to enjoy a glass of wine. A strap on this bag makes it easy to carry over your shoulder. Use this tote to bring wine on your next camping trip or to an outdoor concert.

Not sure what snacks to pack? There are all sorts of simple recipes that can be packed up for the perfect picnic. Keep it simple with fresh bread and cheese or try wrapping sandwiches or wraps in parchment paper and some twine to keep your lunch contained. A small container filled with pasta or salad allows you to add an unexpected dish to your picnic. Don’t forget to pack some fruit or cookies for dessert.

Bringing a delicious meal with you wherever you go doesn’t have to be hard work, it just requires a little planning and packing ahead. Serve a four course meal or a simple snack in style with these portable picnic baskets.


Garage Storage with Magnets


Creating custom storage in the garage can be as easy as adding some magnetic organizers to your metal tool box or cabinet. Coming in designs that range from hooks to pockets, magnetic storage is an easy and unexpected way to add storage for smaller items. Metal lockers, cabinets or tool boxes make it easy to add magnetic storage.

 Stainless Steel Magnet Pocket

The Stainless Steel Magnet Pocket not only offers storage for pens and notepads on the fridge, it also makes convenient tool storage in the garage. Use one pocket or a few to create easy to access tool storage for smaller wrenches. The sleek stainless steel design also has a streamlined look perfect for the workshop.

EcoGen Short Magnetic Bin - by Design Ideas - 1720244

For even more pocket storage the EcoGen Short Magnetic Bin provides even more storage space. Use this pocket to store your bike light or other smaller biking accessories.

See and Store Containers - Set of 4

When it comes to storing nuts and bolts it’s best to have storage that keeps everything contained, but doesn’t keep it concealed. The See and Store Containers – Set of 4 comes with magnetized backs for attaching to the inside of a cabinet door. The see through lids make it easy to see the contents, so you can find the right bolt.

Magnetic Hooks

A magnetic hook can be a great way to store everything from rope to a keychain with the key for your bike lock. Coming in various sizes, these hooks can be used to hang whatever odds and ends you have lying around, from bungee cords to a cleaning cloth. Super strong magnets ensure these hooks stay in place.

Hardwood Backed Magnetic Tool & Cutlery Bar by Better Housewares

When it comes to versatile magnet storage the Hardwood Backed Magnetic Tool & Cutlery Bar makes a great addition everywhere from the kitchen to the workshop. Lined with two rows of magnets, this bar is designed to store knives and other cooking utensils, but it also makes for great tool storage. Use this bar to store wrenches, drill bits or screw drivers.


Home Safety


Staying safe everywhere from at home to on the road is always a concern. By being prepared and having the things you need to keep yourself safe you can cut out some of the worry.

Bio-Matic Fingerprint Lock by Itouchless by Itouchless

When it comes to protecting your home your first defense should be locks that are secure. Using a high tech finger print scanner this door lock keeps your home safe while ensuring that your whole family can get inside, even when they don’t have a key on hand, perfect for anyone with kids.

 Solar Security Light - Centurion

At night keeping the exterior of your home well lit is a great way to keep intruders at bay. The Solar Security Light – Centurion has an eco friendly solar design that allows this flood light to provide its own power.

Power Dome - Portable Power Station

At home or on the go, having back up power on hand is always useful in case of a car battery that needs a jump or a power outage. The Power Dome – Portable Power Station provides portable power so you can bring it with you.

Tool Box - Mastercraft Lantern

Whether you’re running errands or going on a long car trip, you should never leave home without a car safety kit. Coming complete with a lantern and built in tool kit the Tool Box – Mastercraft Lantern has a compact design perfect for leaving in your trunk in case of emergencies.

53 Piece Roadside Tool Kit in Soft Sided Bag with Air Compressor

For even more roadside assistance the 53 Piece Roadside Tool Kit in Soft Sided Bag with Air Compressor has every scenario covered. Coming with an air compressor, booster cables, a flash light and other tools, this set has everything you need in case you have car trouble. A bag provides storage for all the tools, so all you have to remember to do is throw it in the car.

With a little planning you can be ready for any emergency.


Getting a Leg Up with Step Stools


Zerust Stand 'n Store Step Stool With Lift - Out Tray

From the highest pantry shelf to the back of the garage cabinet, sometimes you need a helping hand to reach those high up, hard to reach spots. Whether you only need one step stool, or one for workshop and one for the house, it’s easy to find the right one for your space.

Step stools aren’t just for adding some much needed height, they can easily serve double duty, like the Zerust Stand ‘n Store Step Stool With Lift – Out Tray. This stool has interior storage that is designed for keeping tools organized. Use this stool to reach shelves in the garage, as seating when working on a project or keep it nearby as tool storage.

For a compact stool try the EZ Fold Step Stool that folds completely flat for easy storage that allows this stool to be stored out of sight when not in use. Slim enough to fit between the washer and dryer, this is a one of kind step stool, ideal for using throughout the house.

When looking for a larger step stool for around the house you don’t have to compromise form for function. The Step Stool by Boraam has a classic design that doesn’t look out of place throughout the house. Use the fold out lower steps for reaching shelves and then fold them in to use it as stool seating at the kitchen counter. Both a step stool and counter stool in one, this is a versatile addition to any home.

Whether you’re short or tall, you can always use a helping hand around the house when it comes to the tallest shelves. Keep a step on hand and never find yourself short handed again, from the garage to the bedroom.


Garage Storage


When you have a garage or workshop that is a blank canvas or one that is full of piles of stuff but doesn’t have any storage, it’s time to invest in a storage system. Coming in a variety of designs and configurations, it’s easy to find a storage system that works for your space.

Granite Sandusky 3-in-1 Garage Storage System



If you’re looking to start with the basics the Granite Sandusky 3-in-1 Garage Storage System comes with three key storage pieces to get you going. Coming with a lower cabinet topped off with a shelf, a large cabinet and a wall mounted cabinet, this set has three kinds of storage so there is room for everything from sporting equipment to tools. With a heavy duty design, these cabinets can stand up to whatever you decide to throw at them.

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO 5-piece Cabinets



Add even more storage and counter space with the Ulti-MATE Garage PRO 5-piece Cabinets. With an additional floor cabinet you gain even more drawer and shelf space. Sleek hardware adds some style to any workspace.

Flow Wall Garage Cabinet Set by Red Star Traders


The Flow Wall Garage Cabinet Set by Red Star Traders combines wall mounted cabinets with an entire pegboard wall for easy to customize storage. Ample countertop space make it easy to set up shop. Use the individual hooks to create easy to access, custom storage.

 6 Piece Cabinet System


Made of durable steel the Coleman 6 Piece Cabinet System offers ample organization space with one large cabinet, three smaller cabinets and an entire cabinet of drawers. Filling an entire wall, this garage storage system adds a professional look to any workspace.

Whether you have an empty garage crying out for storage or a messy toolshed that could really use some organizing, adding a storage system is an efficient way to free up space and create a convenient place to work on projects.