Jewelry Storage (In Honor of Valentine’s Day)


With February, the month of love, in full swing, now is the time to take stock of your gems and your jewelry storage system (or lack thereof). We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the process for you, with promotional (lowest!) pricing on the most popular Jewelry Armoires and boxes by Nathan Direct:

Hudson Jewelry Tower
The Hudson Jewelry Tower ($38.99 with free shipping*) is the number one choice for the vanity in the bedroom or bathroom. It boasts a mirror on one side and hanging necklace hooks on the other, with pink felt lined compartments on the interior.

Granada 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire
For more comprehensive Jewelry Storage, the Granada 5 Drawer Jewelry Armoire ($129 with free shipping) has a mirrored lift top, necklace hooks and five lined drawers for rings, earrings and more.

Cosmo Jewelry Box
The Cosmo Jewelry Box ($42.99 with free shipping) is compact and elegant with a mahogany finish and glass inlay window. Perfect for the dresser top.

Morris 8 Drawer Jewelry Armoire
And for larger collections, the Morris 8 Drawer Jewelry Armoire ($369 with free shipping) has it all!

*Pricing Subject to Change.

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