Space Treat: How to Stay on Course


basket-of-stuffSo, you’ve finally carved out a few hours to start organizing. During the process it’s very common to find items that need to be relocated.

For example, say you’re beginning with the kitchen cabinets and in order to pull everything out and sort it you need to clear off the counters. While doing that, you find a new tube of toothpaste and a new box of band-aids lurking on the counter. They never made it to your medicine cabinet when you unpacked your grocery bags 7 days ago.

Instead of walking them to their rightful home at the moment of discovery, start a “redistribution” pile so that you can stay focused on the task at hand – organizing the kitchen cabinets – and not run around putting things away. Drop all the items for redistribution in a basket, bin, box or bag, making it easier to put them away when you’re done with the kitchen.

Clients tell me that when they try to organize by themselves, they run around the house immediately putting each newly discovered item away, partly as a way of avoiding the task at hand and partly because they think they should immediately do so. As a result it takes forever to accomplish their original goal because they get distracted and often start doing something else. Sound familiar?

The redistribution pile keeps you focused on your primary goal and saves you time in the long run. Once your organizing session is complete, take 5 minutes and then redistribute the items from your pile.



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