Lost Socks


Lost Socks

Lost Socks – The Antidote

We all have them – well most of us. Lost socks. Orphaned socks. The one that got away, ran away, got eaten – or disappeared into the sock black hole never again to be found. We keep the orphaned socks, hoping the mates will show up some day, like the tomcat who went out carousing. Only the socks usually aren’t out rollicking. They are, sadly and simply, lost socks.

The bag of lost socks may hang on the back of a door or in a closet – a big dumb clump of fabric and annoying reminder of a careless moment (or twenty). I have had such a bag for ten years. Every year or two, I dump them out, take another assessment, and then put them away after another failed attempt at matching.

Eventually, the lost socks get converted into dust cloths and then relegated to the trash soon after. It’s a sad thing, a widowed sock. Dusting with one is only a reminder of the thing that’s missing. I discovered something recently though, that put an end to my lost sock problem – SockPro Wash Organizer Discs. They’re made of flexible rubber and have non-destructive grips that hold your socks together. The rubber is completely safe for the washer and dryer and super-easy to use. Simply pull your socks through the center and the built-in soft teeth grip them, holding them in perfect pairs.

If you make it a habit to insert your sock pairs into the SockPro as soon as you take them off, you’ll never lose another sock. They come in sets of ten and are inexpensive – well worth the cost to keep your socks happily married forever.

Love, Clutter Control Freak
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Guide for Practical Gifts Pt 1 – Laundry Hampers


Who says a practical item like a clothes hamper can’t make a great gift?  I have a friend who loves practical gifts because she’s very minimalistic and doesn’t like “things”.  Being a single working mom, she also can’t afford to buy herself a lot of those basic necessities.  Chances are you probably have someone in your life like that as well.  So here are some gift ideas for that who could not only benefit from a practical gift, but would love it because they wouldn’t or couldn’t afford themselves the luxury of getting a fancy laundry hamper.

Because she’s a busy mom, my friend could really benefit from a laundry sorter to keep her organized and cut back on laundry time.  With something like this, she can keep everyone’s dirty clothes sorted, and gain some storage:


For someone with a family but limited space, I would recommend something a little more compact.  You can still get the large capacity, without taking over the laundry room with something like this:

Anyone who doesn’t have a washer and dryer in their home and has to travel with their laundry needs an easy way to tote it around.  I suggest either a bag that they can carry over their shoulder, or a rolling cart to bear the load, like this:

If you just need a basic laundry hamper to hold your laundry and maybe one other person’s, go with something stylish like this:


If you need a larger capacity hamper to sort laundry but still want style like the last hamper, then this one gives you the best of both worlds!

If you like these hampers either for yourself or as a practical gift for someone in your life, then I think you have great taste too!

Here’s where you can find them:

1.  Laundry Cart: Bamboo Laundry Center by Neu Home

2. Compact Cart:  Triple Laundry Sorter

3. Portable Hamper:  Collapsible Laundry Hamper Caddy by Caddy Concepts

4. Stylish Hamper:  Nadina Hamper by LaMont