Affordable Bike Racks for the Budget Conscious


For the last few months I have been using a jerry-rigged “bike rack” to store my ride. While this has been extremely cost effective, I worry that my bicycle will get stolen at some point. The bicycle is simply tied up to a truss in the parking garage below my building. While this basement garage is fairly well-secured, it is not particularly difficult for an intruder to get into if he or she so desired. So I started to research an appropriate bicycle rack for my storage needs and came across and (perhaps not so surprising) revelation: bicycle racks are expensive! Here are a couple suggestions for affordable bike racks.Afforable Bike Racks

While you may not want to blow your money on a bike rack, it is important to not be penny-wise and pound-foolish. If your bicycle is not secured properly, you could end up spending hundreds or thousands to replace your bicycle or its parts when you could have just parted with 50 bucks or so to keep it properly stored. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, you will be extremely happy with your decision when you realize the garage has been raided but your bicycle was left untouched.

So let’s go onto the affordable bicycle racks so you can find the proper storage for your ride. While you can definitely spend some big bucks on a rack, there are plenty that are sturdy, secure and low-cost.

Two great affordable bike racks

The Lean Machine Gravity Bike Rack has a very fitting name – it is both extremely durable and lightweight, making it perfect for those that need to store their bicycle on the go. The rack can hold up to two bicycles, and with a price tag under 60 dollars, is certainly a great affordable bike rack choice.

For those that are a little more tight on space, the Platinum One Bike Adjustable Wall Mount is a great affordable bike rack option. This rack can be installed onto the wall and takes up next to no space! The rack can hold one bicycle at a time and comes in at a price under $40! This is one of the most simple affordable bike racks available today.

Affordable Bike Racks

As you can see, there are plenty of affordable bike racks available for any situation and need. With so many options available, there really is no excuse for you to keep tying your bike up to trees and stops signs in your front yard!


Gear Up!


Bikes are bulky and take up a lot of room, which is why bike racks that are wall or ceiling mounted are a great way to free up floor space. Here are a few styles that might help your bike take up less space.

 Bicycle Hanger - Stores Up To Four Bikes

The Bicycle Hanger – Stores Up To Four Bikes allows you to hang bikes by one wheel. This bike rack is great in the garage where space is always at a premium. Holding up to four bikes this rack is ideal for a family or anyone with a bike collection.

Don’t think four bikes will do it? Then the Mountain Bike Rack, with six slots, has the storage you need. This rack allows you to dedicate a wall to storing and displaying your bikes.

For a bike rack that offers storage space for your bike and all your bike gear add the Wall Mounted Bicycle Rack – Double Vertical. Built in shelves are the perfect place to store clip in shoes, a bike lock or your helmet.

With a minimalist design that is subtle enough to use in your apartment or in the garage try the Single Wall Mounted Bike Rack – Set of 2. A hook holds the top tire while the lower tray keeps the lower tire from marking the wall. Use as many of these racks as needed to store all your bikes.

Keeping bikes properly stored and out of the way simply requires finding the right bike rack for your space and your bike collection. From the garage to the living room, wherever you store your bike, a bike rack that takes them up, up and away can be a convenient way to make the best use of your space. These bike racks will give you extra space to hang, while giving your bikes a place to hang too.