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Ariane Benefit

ArianeAriane Benefit , M.S.Ed, is an organizing coach and founder of Neat & Simple Professional Organizers, which specializes in helping people reduce stress and save time by making their lives, homes and offices simpler, easier and more efficient!! She is the author of the popular organizing blog, Neat & Simple Living and a free 30 page e-book on home office organizing.

Having grown up in an extremely cluttered home and having moved frequently, she learned first hand how to overcome the need to keep everything. Being the first and only person in her family to go to college, she also learned early on how important it is to organize yourself in order to achieve your dreams and goals.

Stephanie L.H. Calahan

StephanieCalahanStephanie L.H. Calahan is a nationally known speaker, author, productivity/organization consultant, & business start-up coach. Her company, Calahan Solutions, Inc. provides premiere business services, lifestyle management services as well as residential organizing. She is the publisher of Productive And Organized & Your Organized Home – online resources with powerful ideas on how to manage your time, space, information and thoughts.

Organization is about making time & room for what is important in your life. As a result, Stephanie has time for her favorites: family and friends, reading, singing, volunteering, taking photos with her son & playing with her puppy. She is an active member in many professional organizations & is an active community leader. As such, she has received numerous awards recognizing her for her contributions and has been featured on/in numerous media sources.

Carmen Coker

Carmen CokerCarmen Coker is a former US Air Force officer turned professional organizer. In early 2007, she established Clutterbugs to assist folks with the sometimes overwhelming task of putting order into their lives. Today, Clutterbugs offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching to seminars. Additionally, her online sites Get Organized! and Home Organization Online offer tons of free organizing hints, helpers, and how to’s. Carmen has been interviewed by several national and local media outlets, and her blog has been highlighted in Better Homes and Gardens’ Scrapbooks, etc magazine and named one of the “Top 5 New Year’s Worthy Websites” by the Santa Monica Mirror.

Carmen has over 500 hours of organizing experience and is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. You can find out more about her on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or Squidoo.

Jeri Dansky

Jeri DanskyJeri Dansky is a professional organizer, helping people whose clutter is driving them crazy – and helping the mostly organized do even better. She works with people in their homes and offices to develop organizing solutions that suit their individual personalities and needs.

After 30 years in organizing-related roles (project manager, process engineer, etc.) at three multinational corporations, Jeri started her own organizing business in 2004. She is delighted to be working with people on a more individual level and facilitating improvements in their spaces – and lives. She is constantly learning about new organizing products and techniques, and shares that information on her organizing and decluttering blog.

Erica Ecker

thespacialistErica Ecker is New York Magazine’s 2008 choice for Best Space Organizer! She’s a space visionary and sure loves to organize! Erica is the founder of The Spacialist®, a professional organizing company based in NYC.

For over 10 years Erica has been guiding hundreds people, just like you, out from underneath their stuff so they can get on with it already! She sets up easy-to-use systems that not only get you organized but also keep you organized! Erica has also been featured in Newsday, New York Living, Modern Bride, Self, Woman’s Day, Consumer’s Reports, InStyle and Real Simple magazines as well as NY1 TV and Martha Stewart Living Radio. Visit TheSpacialist.com to find out what she can do for you!

Rita Emmett

Rita_EmmettRita Emmett is a professional organizer, speaker, President of Emmett Enterprises, Inc. since 1985, and author of:
** THE PROCRASTINATING CHILD: A Handbook for Adults to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off

Rita, who lives in Des Plaines, Illinois, has been honored for her High Content / High Fun interactive Keynotes and Training presentations by being included in the prestigious “Who’s Who in American Education” plus “Who’s Who in America” and the “The World Wide Who’s Who of Women”.

Her customized presentations have helped hundreds of organizations improve their performance, productivity and profitability, and head off burnout before it starts. Some of Rita’s clients include AT&T, Kraft Food, Mercedes Benz, Met Life, and Illinois Mutual Insurance.

Marcia Francois

Marcia+FrancoisMarcia Francois is a personal life coach and professional organiser who teaches small business owners and other busy people how to have more time, less stress and a more organised and fulfilled life. She blogs at Organising Queen and Marcia’s Take Charge Blog, where you can get a copy of her Organise your Life e-book gratis.

Tami Gallagher

TAMI_GALLAGHERTami Gallagher is a Professional Organizer who specializes in Family Time Management. Her company, Organized to the Core, does individual family consulting, workshops and other presentations, and also provides community resources for families. She also blogs on Core Peelings. Ms. Gallagher believes every family matters. She teaches families how to examine their core values and use them as a foundation in organizing their lives. Available on her website is The Family Core Organizer CD. This fun, practical, and easy to use tool is the ultimate planner and information keeper for your family. Everything you need – all in one location!

Jan Hayner

Jan_HaynerJan Hayner is a Professional Organizer and founder of OrganizingYourLifeTheEasyWay. She offers tips, hints and shortcuts on home organizing and house cleaning solutions to help take the stress out of life and help you get organized.

Karen Henke

hollywood dressesI’m the owner of Come2Order, and a professional organizer with 19 years of work experience in design, space planning and organization as well as a degree in Business and Design.

Having personally experienced the daily challenges of being a stay-at-home mom to my two boys, I now help others organize, simplify and transform their homes and lives.

S. Kim Henson

These days I write more often than I organize. Well-Written Days is my orderly corner of the webby world to kick back and share everyday happenings and the lessons they’re made of. Thanks for checking out my blog: http://skimhenson.wordpress.com/ and my website: www.skimhenson.com.

Molly Kaye

thenewmollykayeI love travel, reading, crafting, cooking, movies, and my cat. This means that my apartment could very easily become a cautionary tale of the perils of clutter – overstuffed with travel guides, kitchen gadgets, knitting needles, and DVD cases – all of which would be covered in a layer of cat hair. Armed with nothing more than a lint remover and a dream, I’ve started taking the steps to create a ‘grown-up’ home – one where I can invite friends over for dinner, have a clean and organized kitchen at the end of the night, and not light a pot holder on fire (although, that only happened once – and those things shouldn’t be so flammable!).

I have a very good boyfriend, a couple of bad habits, and an abiding love for karaoke. I’m your girl if you need a suitcase packed, a bookcase organized, if you want to know what kitchen tools you really need, if you need to make your tiny apartment look bigger, or if you just want a great recipe for banana bread.

Sarah Kimmel

sarah_kimmelSarah Kimmel has always been incredibly organized. Even as a 12 year old she carried around a planner. She was obsessed with her Franklin planner so much that even while working for Palm, she continued to use the paper planner (she finally “graduated” to a Palm and has been through 5 models now). Sarah is a Microsoft Certified Professional IT manager and has been in the IT industry for over 8 years. When she had her daughter Madeline, she left the professional world to be a full time Mom.

Sarah is the co-creator of the Daily Home Planner, a software organizer for busy families, and she blogs at Organize Your Life, where she offers tools, tips and tricks to keep families organized. She loves to spend time with her daughter and her husband, Trevor. She also loves all things Disney, and watching movies.

Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer-KoretskyJennifer Koretsky is the Founder of the ADD Management Group, author of Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD, and Host of the Virtual AD/HD Conference. Jennifer and her team work with ADD adults who are overwhelmed with everyday life in order to help them simplify, focus, and succeed. To learn more, visit www.ADDmanagement.com.


laura_organizing_junkie.jpgHi, I’m Laura, the resident “freak” over at Organizing Junkie. I call myself a junkie because I LOVE to organize and will do just about anything for a “fix”. I’m a stay-at-home mom to three great kids (girl 10, boys 7 and 1) who give me plenty of organizing opportunities each and every day. Around my house it doesn’t bother me a bit to find crumbs on the floor but a pile of papers on the table drives me crazy!!

Only recently did I turn my dream of becoming a Professional Organizer into a reality. I love sharing my organizing “habits” with others because the more people I get “hooked” along with me the less freakish I seem!

Dawn Martin

dawn_martinDawn Martin, Principal of Simply in Place, is a lawyer, professional mediator and organizing consultant. As founder of a law firm and a mediation practice, manager of both for a total of nineteen years, mother of three children, wife, home manager and bookkeeper, and frequent international business traveler, she has had her fair share of struggles in her own quest to achieve simplicity, order and balance.

A.J. Miller

A.J. MillerA.J. Miller is an organizing expert, an engaging speaker and the founder of MILLER ORGANIZING, a professional organizing company based in NYC. She’s a past member of the Board of Directors and a past Newsletter Editor of the New York chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She writes a column called “Getting Organized” which is featured regularly in a NYC community newspaper, a Blog called Don’t Agonize. Organize! and is an honors graduate of Yale University.

Stacey Agin Murray

Stacey MurrayStacey Agin Murray, Professional Organizer and Author, has been organized since her months in the womb. Her mother thought ‘the baby was kicking’ but in reality, Stacey was searching for a place to store some excess umbilical cord…
Careers as a graphic designer, editor, and elementary school teacher as well as growing up in a 5’ x 12’ bedroom provided the foundation for Stacey’s work as a Professional Organizer. Looking back, Stacey realizes that being organized has given her the opportunity to live a full, productive and less-stressful life. Her company, Organized Artistry, LLC was born in 2002 out of the desire to help others achieve the feelings of freedom, preparedness, and calm Stacey experiences from being organized.
Besides authoring the Organized Artistry blog, Stacey is the author of 7 Steps to an Organized Wedding Thank You Note, a quick-reference writing guide for brides and in 2007 authored the ‘Organizing on a Shoestring’ column for Organize Magazine.

B.L. Ochman

bl_avatar.pngB.L. Ochman is a blogger and social media marketing consultant who runs her virtual agency from a small New York apartment. So she’s had to become an organizing wizard. Otherwise, nobody in her house would ever find anything again.

She’s the creator and editor of Clutter Control Freak and will contribute posts on topics related to home and office organization, and the philosophical aspects of clutter control.

Dr. Amie Ragan

amie_ragan_photo.jpgDr. Amie Ragan writes the Psychology of Clutter blog. She is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people work through the emotions that encourage them to hold on to unproductive ways of thinking.

She has particular interest in helping people relieve themselves from excessively demanding behaviors, ineffective relationships and overwhelming material clutter. In addition to helping adults of all ages, Dr. Ragan has three years of post-doctoral training in working with older adults and caregivers.

Dr. Ragan received her doctorate from The University of Wyoming. She also completed post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey on the Rutgers campus and at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Center for Aging.

Dr. Ragan is currently in private practice with Grayson & Associates, P.C. in Birmingham, AL.

Mel Ronick

Mel Ronick headshotMel Ronick founded Stacks and Stacks in 1984 as a retail storage and organization concept. At the time he was a Shopping Center developer, and retail leasing agent for several national chains. Having always considered himself as having an “organized” mind and an organized lifestyle, he passionately dove into the new business. The business concept was new at the time and was quickly accepted by the community it served.

Stacks and Stacks at one point had six stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. As competition from the large “box” stores increased, Ronick decided to invest heavily in the Internet and started closing the stores. The last store, in Santa Rosa, CA., in a center he co-developed closed in 2007.

The website opened in 1999 and has grown to be one of the top 300 sites in America, according to Internet Retailer Magazine. It offers over 23,000 stylish, affordable, and practical items for the home, office, and garden. Ronick’s leap into the technology heavy Internet field was made easier by his years of Data Processing sales and sales management with several Companies including IBM.

Gretchen Rubin

gretchen_rubin.jpgGretchen Rubin is a writer working on The Happiness Project—an account of the year she spent test-driving every conceivable principle about how to be happy, from Aristotle to Ben Franklin to Martin Seligman. On her Happiness Project blog, she reports on her daily adventures on her way to becoming happier.

Rubin is a graduate of Yale Law School and was editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal. She was clerking for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized that she really wanted to be a writer.

Her bestselling Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill and Forty Ways to Look at JFK are succinct, provocative biographies. Power Money Fame Sex: A User’s Guide is biting social criticism in the form of a user’s manual. She also has three terrible novels safely locked in a desk drawer.

Monica Ricci

monica_ricci.jpgMonica Ricci, publisher of the blog Your Life Organized, is the author of Organize Your Office In No Time. Forbes Magazine named her one of the nation’s “Organizing Elite” and she is past president of the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

She appears as a recurring guest expert organizer on HGTV’s MISSION: Organization and has appeared on the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Radio Show, Fox 5’s Good Day Atlanta, as well as via satellite on many television morning shows nationwide. Monica also hosts her own weekly radio show, “Organization Nation”.

Her articles have been published in such diverse publications as Airtran Airways Magazine, Men’s Edge Magazine and Advisor Today Magazine and she’s been quoted in hundreds of other publications including the Atlanta Journal Constitution and The New York Times. She has a regular feature in Organize Magazine. Some of the groups Monica has spoken to include Paramount Pictures, Longhorn, The US Court of Appeals, Special Olympics, and The Environmental Protection Agency.

She holds the core belief that when people learn new skills, clarify their priorities and become inspired to act, they can dramatically transform their lives.

Megan Samuels

megan_samuels_photo.jpgAn interior designer by trade, I’m a city girl living in a little bungalow by the beach. Having always loved collecting “things” that i find beautiful, I’m in a constant state of ‘edit’.

I’m a big believer in order, creating, calm which in turn creates an environment of peace and beauty. i love to find new and innovative ways to live surrounded by my treasures in a way that is efficient yet art directed. I blog at Beach Bungalow 8.

Michaela Strathman

mich_headshotI am a mother of two babies and one toddler and, thus, an organization junkie. One of my favorite things is to dig into a closet or cupboard and organize.

Working for Stacks & Stacks for nine years has made me an expert in products that help to organize the home and home office. Hearing about thousands of customers’ clutter problems over the years has taught me to think out of the box, finding creative uses for products, sometimes other than what they were intended to do.

I’ll be contributing many of the ideas for organizing that I have gathered from past experience, and sharing the new tips that I am acquiring during my newest journey, motherhood.

John Trosko

John_TroskoJohn Trosko is a Los Angeles-based professional organizer, writer and lifestyle consultant. As President of NAPO (The National Association of Professional Organizers) Los Angeles Chapter, John heads the third largest NAPO Chapter in the country and oversees the Los Angeles Organizing Awards, now in their third year.

His company, OrganizingLA was founded in 2004 to provide premiere residential, office and business organizing as well as lifestyle management services. Trosko is also Editor of the “OrganizingLA Blog,” an online showcase for innovative organizing products, time-saving tips and organizing strategies for busy Angelinos.

OrganizingLA has been featured by Los Angeles Times, BusinessWeek, DailyCandy, Frontiers Magazine, Estates West, Instinct Magazine, LegalZoom.com as well as local Los Angeles television stations KCBS-TV, KABC-TV, KCAL-TV and national help segments for Scripps Howard Broadcasting Company. Trosko will soon be featured as an Expert Contributor for PeopleJam and is a contributing author to Samantha Ettus’ The Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Faster, published by Random House and due out in national bookstores December 2008.

Eva Wallace

eva_wallaceI am a wife of 23 years and a mother of three kids (21, 20 and 17) and still sane enough to write about it. My husband, our three kids, two dog, two cats, bird, and one big fish and I live in a cramped three bedroom house that HAS to stay organized or none of us would ever see daylight again! I’ve learned a lot over the years about getting and staying organized and I believe organization can be beautiful as well as functional.

I’ve worked for Stacks and Stacks for six years now – the last four of which have been as the Website Administrator. I’ll be sharing my experience and my on-going struggles to stay organized (and my dreams of what to do with my kids’ rooms when they move out) here on Clutter Control Freak – where organization rules.

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